Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give Thanks

       In our house, it's official. The holidays have arrived. Snow is on our doorstop and we've had our first taste of holiday festivities. This is the fourth year that we've hosted a Thanksgiving get together for our friends. Although, this year it was an edited version. Chalk it up to the new baby and the fact that I'm always sick of turkey by the time the real Thanksgiving comes around, but this year we decided to opt for an easy-peasy, no fuss, appetizer-giving. We asked all of our friends to bring an appetizer to share and we whipped up some fondue and some pulled chicken sliders. And on top of all of the Thanks we were celebrating not 1, not 2, but 3 birthdays! So that called for some special dessert. But let me rewind a bit- there were a couple of other highlights this weekend that shouldn't be overlooked.
       Such as, the white stuff. And lots of it. True, we got a dusting a couple of weeks ago, but we've been getting buried by this stuff since Friday. And it's now Monday. Yeah, do the math. We've ended up with about 3 feet at our house and it's forecasted to continue through tonight and tomorrow. Sunday morning, Jon hopped out of bed and assumed the role of shoveler (It's one of his best roles). After getting Nolan bundled up, we joined him for some family fun in the snow. And can I just get an "Amen" for hand-me-downs? We received this amazing Patagonia snowsuit hand-me-down that I've already grown quite fond of. 
       After snow play and bickering with the husband about all the chores that needed to get done (insert: I was frantically running around the house, with a baby strapped to me, trying to get everything cleaned up and Jon comes to the door to tell me to come and watch him and Blue playing in the snow ), I headed to the grocery store for our last necessities. About a block and a half from our house I proceeded to slide myself and my jeep into a big snowbank. And get stuck. Bad. I walked back up the hill to fetch my dear husband to help 
un-stick me. Unfortunately we didn't take the camera with us, but picture the two of us digging, pushing, trying and re-trying until the jeep was freed. Eventually, I made it to the store.
Okay, enough babbling already.
Let's get on with the photos.
That's my boy in his snow suit.
And my car in the back, buried in snow.

Have I mentioned that babies don't
 look at cameras when you ask them to?

Okay, enough with the snow already.
I failed to take many good photos of the party.
The lighting was terrible. 
I was busy talking, baby bouncing, and eating. 
But, here's a few.

And there were baby friends.
For the special occasion, I opted to make miniature Boston Cream Pies.
{Note: I didn't get around to taking a photo until most had been eaten.}
They hit the spot.
And there you have it. 

Can I just say how much I L-O-V-E short work weeks?
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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  1. omg, those boston cream pies! Can't get over those, look soooooooo good!