Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Playing Catch Up

       Apparently finding my balance between working mom and blogger is taking a little bit longer then  I expected. Something about wanting to give my little guy my undivided attention whenever I am at home, and also liking to go to bed as early as possible instead of staying up on this ole laptop. While I continue to find my balance, here's a little update on recent Milam happenings.
       A couple of weekends ago, Nolan and I left Jon in Tahoe to work, and we headed down to Benicia to celebrate my nieces baptism. It was the first time since Nolan was born that we made the trip to the bay area and it was also my first realization that we really, truly, need a bigger car. Like way bigger. We planned on packing "light" since my parents house is already home to so many of my nieces baby things. With the way that the truck looked on this trip, I have absolutely no interest in seeing how it looks when Jon and Blue are in tow. And Christmas presents. And all of Blue's gear. Yikes. 
       My brother Neal and I were chosen as Roxy's godparents, so we were on hand, along with lots of family, to witness and celebrate with Roxy (whom I have nicknamed as the Diva). Roxy looked amazing in her gown and despite my nickname for her, behaved like a little angel. It had been a good long while since I was at a baptism (about 12 years, give or take). This go round, there were about 25 babies in the Church for the service, which made for a pretty interesting (and exhausting) hour.
Roxy, Nolan and my sister.
(My apologies for the terrible quality, 
the dim lighting and my aged camera were not the best pair)

Me and Roxy trying to maneuver the whole baptism thing. 

Some of us Hay girls. Plus Nolan.
Homemade treats back at the house.
I was able to snap Nolan with his oldest cousins. 

On Sunday, before me and Nolan headed back to the mountains we 
had a little play session with Roxy.
Here's my little Diva now.
It was a great trip and Jon and I are headed back to the bay
this weekend for Roxy's 1st birthday. 
It will be a house full of babies and if all goes according to plans,
Nolan will be meeting 3 of his cousins, all under 
the age of two.
I'll take lots of pics!

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  1. Great pics! Roxy is growing up so fast, she'll be 1 this weekend?! I miss that sweet Nolan, he's a sweet little man. : )