Monday, June 3, 2013

Side by Side: Four Months

       Quincy has reminded me how amazing babies are. In the midst of raising a roudy almost three year old boy, she is just the dose of sweetness that I need to make it through some days. She is a lover, and we love to love on her. She coos. She laughs. She holds my fingers tight. She still prefers to fall asleep held very tightly in my arms. She is also very much the second child. She has to nap on the go, eat when I have a chance to sit, and watch a lot of the action from the sidelines. 
       This week, Nolan accompanied me to her four month appointment. She now weighs 13 pounds even. I was too busy keeping Nolan from eating hand sanitizer to hear what percentage those put her at. Our sweet lady had to get a few shots in her leg and big bro was right there next to her to watch.  Several times after the appointment Nolan said to her "It's okay Quincy, it will feel better soon." Or, "It's okay Quincy, you're fine now."It was amazing to hear him both empathize for someone else, and to care for his sister. Sometimes he calls her "sissy" and wants to kiss her before he goes to bed. Sometimes he likes to hold her evening bottle for her, or kiss her in the crook of her neck which guarantees a smile. But a lot of times, he kinda completely forgets that she exists (true story).
Here she is, in all her beauty at four months.

Sweet Muffin.
After the move, I finally located our hard drive 
so I was able to find a couple of pics at Nolan at four months old too.

I'll be back with another home related post!

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