Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1st Annual Camping Trip at the Lake

       I love me some tradition. Tradition was a gift that my parents gave to me, and it is a gift that I very much hope to give to my children. I think that it's one of the greatest things that we can leave to our kids, and it really only takes a little bit of energy and time to make. For several years Jon and I have gone up north the first weekend of October for a group golf weekend organized by some Tahoe City locals. And for several summer's now my whole family clan (including lots of little cousins) has come to Tahoe to stay and vacation for a week.  Jon and I are also hoping to keep up a tradition for our little family, of traveling to the coast around Easter time. For several years, Jon and I have been talking about starting a camping tradition with all of our friends, and by golly, this year was the year to get it going.
       All of our friends here work crazy varying schedules. This isn't a Monday-Friday kinda town. Lots of people work weekends, during the holidays, or overnight, so sometimes it's hard to wrangle us all together at a convenient time. A couple of months ago I started the process of organizing a group camping trip so that we could get it on every one's calendars early.  We decided on early June, before every one's summers got too busy. We settled on Sugar Pine Point campground, which is on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, and about an hours drive from our neighborhood. We figured with a close location, people could come and go from work if they had to. It ended up being only a one night trip, but it was loads of fun while it lasted. The days prior to the trip were unusually hot, but that all changed once we got to camp.
One of Nolan's best friends, Isla, was there. 
These two are turning out to make great playmates.

They got dirty and wet.
Just as they should.
Hmmm...I wonder if these two might be going to prom together in about sixteen years?
It wouldn't have been a camping adventure without a bear
checking out our site. 
This little guy got scared when the guys approached
and he scurried up a tree. 
A tree RIGHT above our tents. 
Luckily, we gave him enough space and he came down in time for us to go to bed.

The next morning was a lazy one. 
Lots of coffee was had.
Pajama's were worn.
The youngest of the tots was Lyla girl.
Somehow my child ended up far dirtier then any other being there.
Including the four dogs.
I definitely took advantage of all of the willing hands. 
Quincy got passed around a lot. 
It was a wonderful little break.

Good morning sunshine.
Jon was a little rough around the edges when the sun came up.
Did I mention that I was the only one there not pregnant.
Yep, the four other ladies were all expecting.
More wine for me.

Quincy made an exceptional camper.

Don't act like you don't have a friend that dresses like a rodeo clown too.

Buzz was in heaven the whole trip.
       After most families had cleaned up in the morning, some of us headed to the beach while some headed home. At the beach, we were met with lots of big imposing thunder clouds. You could see rain in the distance. We tempted fate by sitting on the beach waiting for it to reach us. Luckily, it didn't. 

       After some beach time, a few of us headed back for lunch at the campsites. And wouldn't you know it, we pushed our luck just a bit too much. As we started to pack up our site, it started raining and hailing. Jon and I threw the kids in the car, while we huddled under a tree, trying to pack and organize what we could. Let's just say, it was a mess. After twenty minutes of a downpour, our campsite (and tent) were under water. We high tailed it out of there as quickly as we could, and were very happy to see our house (and dry clothes) when we made it home. This is our third camping trip in a row where we have been caught in the rain! Hopefully next year we'll fare a bit better!

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  1. This comment encompasses all the last few posts: HOLY CRAP!! on the table! I can just envision you guys seeing it and telling yourselves "don't blow it, act cool...." That is an awesome find! And love that you guys love your neighborhood and everything is as you hoped!! And isn't Sugar Pine Point the best??? My grandparents started taking their kids there, then their kids brought up their spouses, then their see the pattern. That tradition is a BIG one in our family. Now it's not summer unless as many of us as possible (aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, dogs, etc, etc!) can gather there for a week. I love taking my kids there, I see them enjoy all the same trails and adventures I did when I was a kid. Other than making me feel old, I love it!