Thursday, June 27, 2013


       For some reason, with Quincy's arrival, I've learned more about how precious time really is with our little ones. They. Grow. Fast. Like, real fast. And because I have so very much loved my time at home with the kiddos the past few months, I wanted to capture that on film. The other day, while Jon was at work, I laid out a blanket (it was actually an area rug that I bought when I was living in Ecuador) and grabbed the camera. I put some clean jeans on Buzz and a white onesie on Q. Nolan was happy to oblige me (which is rare), and I'm very glad that I took advantage of his good mood. Out of the whole bunch that I took, I'd say only one was in focus and captured both kids at their best. There are shadows, there are closed eyes, and there is fussing. But that's the nice thing about photos of your own kids; each photo looks great, no matter how imperfect it is. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

And this one was my very favorite.
You might be seeing it again, framed on our wall.
Blessed is an understatement.

       Right now my whole family is in Tahoe for our annual vacay, so I'm off playing at the beach right now. I return to work on Monday, the thought of which has been making me nauseous for weeks. I am extremely attached to my baby girl, and her and I have spent very few hours apart since her birth (I'm estimating a total of only about 10 hours in over five months!).  I'm expecting it to take me (and the family) a week or two to adjust to having me back in the working world. Wish us luck on the transition!

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  1. Love these photos- you have two beautiful kiddos, I must say =)