Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Home Palette

       I have a confession to make: I don't think I've ever painted a room, or a wall for that matter. Maybe, just maybe, I painted a friends wall when I was a tween. But if so, it wasn't very memorable and I certainly don't think that we did a very good job. Lucky for me, I think I'll be getting plenty of painting experience with this here house.
       The search for the right paint colors has begun. I've got this terrible itch to paint me a wall, and I'm not going to rest until I scratch it. I guess I kinda sorta feel that we haven't really done anything if nothing has been painted. I mentioned during our home tour, that our new place is beige to the bone. Beige walls, beige ceilings, beige bathrooms, beige kitchen. Puh-lease! I think they all together missed all of the other options on the paint deck. That's okay, I'm here to the beige rescue and I'm devising a plan.
       Over the last couple of years, pinterest has helped me to identify which colors I gravitate towards over and over again. Because all of our main living area (living, dining, and kitchen) are open to one another, I think its important that colors throughout those spaces flow well together. From this area you also have an open sight line to our stairway as well as our half bathroom, so it's important that colors in those spaces tie in seamlessly as well. And, because I don't like walking into a room and being jarred by the strong color choice that someone has chosen (hello bright blue, red, or yellow walls that we saw over and over again while house shopping), these colors will continue into our bedrooms, downstairs bathroom and laundry closet.  
       So without further ado, the palette that I've picked for our home, goes a little something like this:
         Benjamin Moore colors from upper left to lower right: Simply White, Hale Navy, Fieldstone, Half Moon Crest, Forget :), Revere Pewter, Luxurious Yellow
       These certainly won't be the only colors that you'll be seeing in our house, but there will be a consistency of these colors running throughout all spaces. In addition to the above I'm drawn to a couple other colors that will being showing up as pops of color in textiles, art, etc.
Benjamin Moore, Spearmint Ice

Benjamin Moore, Coral Gables

       I've heard you can find inspiration for a color palette or design anywhere (a fabric, a photo, a bedspread, etc.), and I found mine a while back guessed it....pinterest! I saw this image, and it caught my attention. You might see a great place setting, but I see our home palette. White, creams, blues, grey, black and lots of natural texture. It's layered. It's earthy. It's relaxed.
Another image that I saw a while back was this one.
I think it's a piece of art. 
It incorporates all of the colors that I'm drawn too.
       I've been pursuing the paint aisle at our local hardware store, and have brought home many a sample. I'm already amazed at how differently colors are reading in different parts of our house/rooms. I'll be sticking primarily to just the Benjamin Moore paint line, because frankly, looking at colors across more then one line of paint is way too overwhelming. We've already picked out some paint for our master bedroom, and I'm hoping to slap some paint on those walls this week or next (I have a fear that painting is going to become really tough after I'm back at work). 
       As for our front porch update that I shared a couple of weeks ago, I'm one project away from a completed porch. Hopefully that will be done soon and I can share with you the pictures!

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