Thursday, June 13, 2013

All Settled In

       A couple of days ago marked our one month anniversary in our new home. I think it's safe to say that we love being home owners. And on top of that, this neighborhood is everything we hoped it would be and so much more. THIS is what we have been waiting for, for so long. So how are we settling in?
The day we signed our loan docs.
The first day we officially had keys in our hands. 
(Errr...apparently the exterior siding needs a little love)
May 8, 2013

Our realtor took our first family photo for us.
We rented this behemoth of a truck (26'), 
and lots of friends and family helped us to pack it full.
Kinda came in handy that Jonny drives fire trucks. 
       First off, we kind of hit the neighbor jackpot. The people around us rock! The first day that we brought over boxes, our next door neighbors came by to introduce themselves. He's a contractor and he even built the decks on our home. Let's just say he is uber-generous and kind, and Jon has already borrowed tools from him. Next to them is an awesome family that I love bumping into. The other night I shared a cocktail with them outside and we chatted for an hour in the street.
       Just a few houses down from us is a court. There are two families on the court with young kids (including a boy that turns three in July!!!), and they run outside to play with us whenever we are near (which is every evening). This place is so family oriented. Compared to our previous neighborhood, which was filled with renters and was very transient, it is such a breath of fresh air. I've even come to describe this neighborhood as "magical".  As gag inducing as that may sound, it really truly is how much we are loving it here. I'm even thinking of organizing a block party next year (Wonder Years flashback anyone?). In addition to meeting our new neighbors, having so many friends less then a two minute drive from our house is killer. 
       Aside from the people, we are loving getting to know our neighborhood and town. Our neighborhood is called Glenshire, and its fondly referred to by locals as "The Shire".  There is pond in the heart of The Shire. It's about a five minute walk from our house, and an awesome trail encircles it.

This is where I head in the evenings with Nolan and Blue
to run off some of their energy.

       Next to the pond is our neighborhood clubhouse, pool, playground and BBQ area. We are pretty darn fond of the pool already.  It is the best spot to be on a summer evening, before heading home for dinner. I can see many a birthday party being held there. I love that our kids will grow up at this pool, year after year.
Apparently Nolan is a fish and we didn't even know it. 
We're hoping he'll be a swimmer by the end of the summer.
This is the stuff that childhood memories are made of.
         Even though we spent the last six years living only thirty minutes from the town of Truckee, there is so much un-explored territory for us here. We never ventured too far from Lake Tahoe, because well, it's Lake Tahoe, so now there are so many spots for us to check out. Last week I had a play date at Donner Lake. Donner Lake (named after the infamous Donner party), is about ten minutes from our house and is gorgeous and charming. Hopefully we'll have a wave runner to bring there within the next few years.
       In our backyard, there are also three awesome reservoirs. We've known of them and Jon has frequented one for dirt biking many a time, but we really didn't know they were this awesome...and this close!  The other evening after dinner we wanted to take advantage of the late sunlight so we drove out to check them out. This is Boca, and it is ten minutes from our house (we timed it). Ten minutes! Man...we need a boat.

       We still have a few lingering boxes that need to be unpacked and we certainly don't have a completely furnished home, but we're making progress, day by day. The summer weather is proving to be quite the distraction from working on the house, but it's a good distraction. 
       Over the past few weeks, one thought has been very liberating for me. This house isn't a race. Our project list doesn't have to be completed next month or next year. We have time to slowly make it our own. This one thought has relieved the urgency and stress that I've felt to get going, going, going on projects. It helps me to realize that some moments, I should stop comparing the paint samples on our wall and just sit down and do a puzzle with Nolan. Or to stop raking up pine needles and start kicking the soccer ball. I'm giving it two years before this house looks how it looks in my mind, and that is very freeing for me.
       After our previous would-be home flooded, many people told me that it was for a reason. That the home we ended up in would be even better for us. And now that we're here, I know that all of those positive words (which were pretty annoying at the time) were true. This home suits us. It was worth every penny we spent. And one day, after lots of love, sweat equity, and I'm sure a few good arguments, it will look just like we envision it.

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