Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Home

       Week one at home with Nolan was a rollercoaster.
We learned how little sleep you can get by on.
Blue had a bit of a reality check.
We realized that showering is a luxury.
We were spoiled by generous friends that brought us amazing dinners.
I learned that to be a mom, you must be a multi-tasker.
We decided that time moves at triple speed with baby.
I nursed my recovering and transforming body.
We fell in love with our little boy. 
Here's the week at a glance.

Leaving the hospital I was advised to R-E-S-T.
 I had a lot of healing to do. 
So when we got home, Nolan, Blue and I curled up for a nap. 
Jon turned on the oven so that he could warm up an early dinner. 
He walked into the kitchen to discover the smell of gas.
 Due to construction on our street they had turned off our gas...
and completely failed to mention it. 
Enter construction workers. 
We then had a couple of dirty construction guys in our living room, 
lying on the floor trying to get our gas turned back on. 
Sorry about this Nolan. 

With a sad yellow lab staring up at us, 
it was time to get outside with Baby and Blue. 

Nolan hanging at the lake, 
while Mama and Blue play in the background.

Nolan had his first doctor's appointment. 
And the doctor confirmed for us that he
was the most perfect baby he'd ever seen. 
Okay, maybe not in so many words, 
but I think thats what he was getting at.

Here's Nolan, waiting for his check up.
The wait was real torture.
Coming home from our doctors appointment Jon discovered that sewer water 
was backing up in our downstairs bathroom. 
We invited Mr. Roto-Rooter over to check up on the situation. 
After several hours in our yard, 
he realized that the gas company had struck our sewer line. 
Double lovely. 

Friday morning a gas company representative was
 at our house to check on the situation.
That led to this:
And this:

Yes, this is our driveway.
For 8 hours on Friday there were jack hammers sounding, 
construction workers at our door, 
and we weren't allowed to use water in our house.

By 4:00 pm I needed a shower and I
 needed to get out of the house.
So we packed up the family for a little time at the lake.

Nolan also had his first bath. 
And although he didn't love the water, he did love cuddling afterwards.

Yes, I'd say that week one was packed full. 
We're savoring everyday, because its going by so fast. 
More to share soon!

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  1. Hi
    This is Nolan's Great Aunt Jerrie . Megan I think you can do anything now !!! What an incredible first week you had. The nursery looks wonderful ! So happy for the two of you . Love Ya