Friday, July 23, 2010

Project Nursery: The Reveal

       Its been a few months in coming but the nursery is now ready for its big debut. Its stuffed to the brim with homemade decor, hand-me-downs, and everything a baby could need...and then some. Perfect, it is not (just look closely at some of my sewing work), but welcoming and ready for a baby it is. By far, more care and energy has gone into this room then any room in our house, and now I've got the itch to move downstairs and tackle some more design projects. 
So....Welcome to the Nursery.
Our changing nook.

 His comfy nest where he'll sleep the night away (crossed fingers), 
and our comfy glider for when he won't sleep the night away.

The perfect storage basket for his toys, 
compliments of Grandma Babs.
Some bike love.

The sunny window seat.

And lastly,
 our hand-me down armoire, turned baby closet.

I found these great storage pockets that 
Jon fastened to that armoire for additional storage, 
which I've already discovered is much needed.
       The grand total spending on our nursery rounded out to....drumroll please...$488.48! Give or take a penny or two. By far the biggest costs for the nursery were the area rug, the collection of bicycle prints, and the glider. We walked away with so many steals in this room: the crib and mattress were very generous gifts from Grandma Babs, the armoire and wooden chest are hand me downs from my sister, the glider and ottoman were a craigslist find that we scored for $60.00 (they threw in clothes and a bumbo too!), the rocking chair was a second hand gift from a work friend, and the dresser was free(!) after being adopted from my old bedroom. 
      Maybe you realized that I have an obsession with prints and textiles, hence all of the  pillows, curtains, rugs, bed skirt and runner. Whenever we make our move, these things should all be able to fit well into another house too. And hey, if there's a baby number two in our future (not immediate my friends), many of these things can transition for a little girls room too. 
Oh, I almost forgot our last addition to the nursery.
We saw him at the hospital and decided he was a keeper.