Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Roaming Nolan

        Before baby came along I kind of promised myself that I wouldn't become baby photo obsessed. Well, I have failed. Terribly. Because I am baby photo obsessed and I love to share them. So bare with me friends. 
       This little guy has become my very own "Roaming Gnome." I mean, he gets around. In the first two weeks of life he enjoyed his first vacation with the Hay family, had a couple of lunch dates on the lake, went to church, made lots of introductions to family and friends,  enjoyed a bbq at the lake and went to a concert at commons beach. Yes, I'd say this kid has been living the Tahoe life.  
       Every year the Hay's come to Tahoe for an annual family getaway. The timing worked out great this year, as everyone arrived at the lake just a few days after we brought Nolan home from the hospital. That means introductions galore and I guess you can say, Nolan had his first vacation. We spent the week down at a nice rental house on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe and my family got to pass him around. 
Uncle Neal and Nolan
Nolan meets his cousin, Katherine.
Grandpa Hay gets his hands on him.
Nolan got to meet his cousin Roxy too. 
My sister, mom, Roxy,  Nolan and I all went 
out to lunch at Jakes on the Lake. 
Yes, we survived a lunch date with two kiddos under 8 months.
We also took these kiddos to the beach for some summer fun in the shade. 

After my family departed, Jon's dad arrived for a visit. 
With Jon's family and Nolan in tow, 
we had a BBQ at our favorite beach. 
An amazing summer storm rolled over the lake, 
just as we arrived at the beach. 
Luckily though, we (and Nolan) stayed dry.

On their last day in town, we had lunch on the lake and
Nolan was the perfect lunch date.
That evening we went to a concert at Commons Beach. 
The music was a bit loud, but this kid slept through the whole thing. 
All of our family has departed now and life has slowed down. 
Nolan, Blue and I have started taking long daily walks to help Mama get back in shape and we're tackling lots of little projects around the house. 

Lots of love from Tahoe


  1. Love it! Grandpa Hay and Nolan have the same facial expression in their photo. And does Nolan have your brother's chin dimple??? Can't wait for my turn! Soon, soon, soon!!!

  2. Keep the pictures coming we LOVE being able to see him and get to know him. I am hoping we will actually meet some day :)
    love the capp family ( Aunt Jerrie)

  3. Meg, I'm super impressed! You're an on-the-go mama!