Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Living Room Update: Bare Naked Wall No More

I've been staring at the space between these windows for months, trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to hang there. Antlers? Mirrors? Something sculptural? The bareness of the wall was really irking Jon too.
My decision was finally made when I saw this post up over at Lauren Leonard Interiors. She's a designer/blogger that I follow, and this is a great example of how your blog feed can provide great tips on products and pieces.

I have loved botanical prints for a while, and I toyed with filling all of the frames on our behemoth wall with them. But I could never find just the right botanical option. Some are super pricey, and not all have the aesthetic I like.

However, when she shared some that she recently nabbed up at Framedart.com for a really affordable price (they were 50% off at the time, with an additional 10% with a code), I was immediately sold. I went online and ordered six, for less then $10.00 per print. 
But then, what to hang them in?  I figured I would make a trip to the frame store to find an option. The day after the prints arrived at my house, I happened to be checking out Shopterrain.com. This site is an amazing source for organic inspired elements for your home. I'd love to bring home everything they sell, but their stuff is expensive, and I usually just get pleasure and inspiration from browsing. But, when I saw these Zinc Frames, it stopped me dead in my tracks.
I mean, I about died. Unfortunately though, my 13" x 19" prints wouldn't fit in this 8" x 10" opening. However, I'm definitely bookmarking these and have them in mind for a couple of spots in our house.

I picked up a couple of frame options in black at Aaron Brothers, but I wasn't in love with either of them. The not so common 13" x 19" print size was proving to be a bit of a challenge to accommodate, without doing custom framing.  In the end, I decided to go with frameless frames. I ordered them from Quadro Frames and they were very affordable. The final challenge ended up being that they aren't super compatible with hanging on a wall.

Last week, Jon jimmie rigged some hanging solutions for them though, and they're up in all their glory now. In addition, both of these windows have been dressed with roman bamboo blinds, to connect them with the other window treatments on the main living floor. 
I give you a bare wall no more my friends.

Jon and I like that the  roman bamboo blinds soften the window edges a bit, 
and add height and texture to the room, but we're not happy with their sizing. 
Unfortunately, the line I've purchased from doesn't make 
them long enough for the left window.
I'm thinking through some solutions to make them a bit more size appropriate.

Come back later this week where I'll talk about my plans for the ottoman in this space. 
I CANNOT wait to tackle that project. 
It won't be looking like this for very much longer!

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