Thursday, June 5, 2014

Michelle Morin Art for the Dining Room

I've been sharing with you the play by play of our dining room progress, and I'm back for another round. You may remember that I last left off here. After hanging lights, window treatments, and layering in a rug I was ready to add some art to that rear window wall.
I spent lots of time perusing art options on Etsy, but I always came back to works by Michelle Morin. I first spotted her work a few years ago, and had always book marked it as a possible future option for us. 
Last year, (the amazing!!!) Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors
used a whole collection of Michelle's artwork in one of her beach home designs.
You can find her works popping up for sale for big bucks on sites like One Kings Lane,
and Anthropologie features her art, transformed into different mediums.

I like the ethereal feeling of her work, and I thought it might be the perfect dose of color that our dining space needed. So I proceeded with ordering four prints from her Etsy shop, United Thread. While I waited for my prints to arrive, I decided to prep the frames. For a quick and affordable option I  decided to use Ikea Ribba frames, that I sprayed in a high gloss gray spray paint. I had toyed with gold, taupe, and military green for the frames, but I ended up liking the nice contrast of the gray on the white wall.

I hung my frames and they sat in waiting. Do you do that? I've found this is normal practice for me. I hang empty frames as a reminder to get some artwork for a certain spot (there are currently several empty frames on the walls in our master bedroom and Nolan's room!), because at least its progress in the right direction!

My prints arrived and I eagerly hung them up.

I'm still considering adding a third frame to each side of the window, or maybe several more for some drama and impact? And there are other prints of hers that I'm keeping my eyes on, so I may change them out as I wish, etc. The room is still feeling bare to me, so I'll need to continue to evolve it more. But, it's progress from where we were just about four to five months ago.

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