Monday, February 11, 2013

The Graduate

       The day that we had been waiting for for over a year happened on Thursday. Jon graduated from his paramedic program!  He started paramedic school January 21, 2012 and after six months in the classroom, followed by three months doing clinical shifts at various hospitals, and then three months working an internship on an ambulance, he was officially done. I think all of the spouses and families in the room shared a communal sigh of relief, because it all made for an exhausting year for everyone. 
Jon was really lucky in that he loved all of the guys in his course. 
Unfortunately the guys did not give him the memo about wearing a suit.
Jon had to give a little speech (valedictorian, what what) at the ceremony.
I was uber fortunate that Quincy slept most of the night, 
and that Nolan behaved as well as any two year old could be expected. 
Thank the Lord I packed him lots of snacks.
We almost forgot to snap a family photo, but grabbed one quickly before we left.
This is our first family shot outside of the hospital.
We are so happy to have this program behind us now.
We missed out on a lot of fun in 2012 because of Jon's rigorous schedule, 
so we have a lot to make up for in 2013.

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