Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life with Q

✪ Were we surprised it was a girl? Minimally. Everyone that I worked with thought it was a girl, Jon thought it was a girl, my sister and some friends wanted it to be a girl, so I think I became convinced that it was going to be a girl. I think we would have been shocked if it was a boy.

✪ How, oh how, did we come up with her name? I heard someone say the name to their daughter in the lobby at my Resort several months ago. It immediately caught my attention and I ran back to my desk and wrote it down (yes, I have had an ongoing baby names list for more then a year). There is a small town about an hour and a half north of us named Quincy, so it's actually quite possible that the guest in my lobby was telling her daughter that's where they were going. I took the name back to Jon and he liked it. "Like" is about as close as we ever got to agreeing on names, male or female. He didn't like a single other girl name that I selected, and he never proposed a single one himself so Quincy it was. Other girl names on my radar were Finley, Campbell, Regan, Lakely and Emerson. Jon nearly gagged at the sound of all of those.

✪ If it was a boy, he would have been named Everett Hayes.

✪ Quincy was born with long feet and long skinny legs and hands. Odd, right? Her feet are much bigger then Nolan's were at birth and her legs and especially calves are long and lanky, making me wonder if she'll be towering over her brother in a few years. On her first check up, I asked her doctor if babies are at all like dogs in that big paws indicate a big dog. No response.

✪ Her hair is straighter and lighter then Nolan's was at birth. Thank goodness. Keeping my fingers crossed, for her sake, that it stays straight. 

✪ Nolan loves her. He's still adjusting a bit, but he has embraced her as his sister. You can often spot him trying to hug and cuddle her. He's usually quite gentle, but he has mentioned "picking her up" a few times, so I'm keeping my eye out for that. He is quite the helper- grabbing my water, burp clothes, and blankets whenever I am in need of one.

✪  Jon is loving having a baby girl, whether he admits it or not.

                                                     Jon and Quincy, our first night in the hospital.
✪  Nolan was watching me the day that I changed her diaper and her belly button plug fell off. I then proceeded to tell him about how we get our belly buttons, etc. etc. He now asks to hear the story about belly buttons several times a day.

✪ Chalk it up to second child syndrome, but poor Quincy didn't have an adorable nursery to come home to. Nope. She's got a crib in our bedroom, her things stored in Nolan's bedroom, and now her most essential belongings are in our guest room for ease of access. Hopefully we will be out of this rental sooner then later, and we can create her own little retreat for her.

✪ She's sleeping through the night. Kidding. But it's what we were expecting and we're managing it.

✪ Our laundry has tripled since Quincy arrived. It's amazing that someone weighing 9 lbs and measuring in at 21 inches can create so much dirty laundry. Now I understand why families invest in super sized washer and driers.

✪ We have taken very few pictures of Quincy. I know, it's terrible. Chalk it up to exhaustion, but getting out my camera while juggling life with two, has just not been on the radar. I'm lucky if I brush my teeth any given day. I know, I know, they grow and change so quickly. If I had the energy it would probably keep me up at night that we've taken so few. Just. So. Tired. Not to mention, how in the world do you hold a baby, manage a toddler, plus the diaper bag and other gear, and take photos. Not sure if its actually physically possible.
Here are a few shots that I did grab when Quincy was one week old:

Next up, House Hunting- Tahoe Edition.

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