Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quincy's Birth Story, Part IV

       After lab work, my IV drip, a quick conversation with my doctor, and many more rounds of very painful contractions, the anesthesiologist was on his way up to my room. Meanwhile the nurse proceeded with more admittance questions. She asked if we had a birth plan. I let her know that my birth plan was to arrive at the hospital sans two year old, receive a euphoric epidural, take a three hour nap and then to deliver a healthy baby pain free. I was still planning on the latter. When Dr. Fischer arrived I heard faint singing from above and I let out a sigh of relief. Kinda sorta.  I quickly considered naming our baby Fischer if he was a boy. I let him know that I would sit any way he needed me to, when he needed me to, he just needed to say the word. It was about 3:00 am now and they figured I was already at about 8 centimeters. They offered me the opportunity to forgo the epidural one last time if I wanted to. I had already progressed so far. Done so much of the work. And I actually considered it for a moment. But it was a fleeting moment. I had no pain medications in me at the time, and I did not know if I could manage the pain through two more centimeters without some relief.
       Dr. Fischer opened his tool box of needles (that's how it appeared to me) and began preparing. Ten minutes later and I was receiving my epidural. My beautiful epidural. "Maybe we should name our baby Epi if it's a girl?" Another contraction came and went. Oh the pain. And a few minutes later, another one. Oh the pain. Wait? It should have kicked in by now.  My left abdomen and side were numb and blissful, while my right side had another story to tell. I waited for another wave to test the epidural. Pain, still lots of pain. At the recommendation of my nurse I laid on my right side, willing for the drug to seep over and spread the wealth of medication. But share it did not. The pain got WORSE on my right side. Was that even possible? An acute sharp burning began in my pelvis, and get never stopped. Not when a contraction ended, not when I moved and adjusted. It just burned, and pained, and wouldn't go away. This is when things got Ca-ra-zy.
       Dr. Fischer began speaking at me. But beyond his words, I realized something. The epidural DID NOT WORK. I think there was a book written somewhere about what it drives women to when epidurals don't work. Never mind. But there should be. Dr. Fischer (who would no longer, in any way, be passing his name down to my would be son) and my nurse began explaining, that due to the baby's head position the pelvic pain was now unavoidable. We attempted an additional dose of drugs, but that did nothing. The pain was so intense, I realized THIS is what they talk about when they talk labor. I am one of those screaming women in a delivery room somewhere.
       Everything moved so quickly from then onwards. The pain was so severe, they asked me if I'd like to push and deliver the baby. I asked if I had a choice in the matter. Pushing seemed like the only reasonable option for managing the situation, so push we did. I had to be reminded of how exactly to breath and push.  Trays were rolled in, the doctor appeared, they broke my water, and immediately I realized that pushing this baby out was the only way to feel relief from my pelvic pressure. I willed the baby to appear with each push. I remember thinking "I want this baby out!" Seven minutes later, at 4:07 am a baby was placed on my chest. A baby girl. We named her Quincy May.
Our First Family Photo

One last installment of her birth story will be up soon!

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