Monday, February 18, 2013

Quincy's Birth Story, Part V

To read about Quincy's birth from the beginning, you can find it here. 

Quincy and I, just after she arrived. 

        Moments after Quincy came into the world, Jon picked Nolan up and brought him to my bedside. It was only then that Nolan became upset. Frightened, teary and confused, he didn't like seeing me in that state. We quickly assured him and his fears subsided in only a few seconds. It seemed like he was maturing just when we needed him to.  He proved that night that he was made to be a big brother. I was aware through it all that Nolan was in the corner of the room, only steps away. It wasn't until Jon filled me in later to the fact that when I was pushing, he looked over to see that Nolan was staring at me. Taking it all in. Yep, he had a front row seat to his sister's birth. I'm hoping that he isn't permanently scared, because who could blame him.
Nolan immediately insisted on getting into bed with us. 
He climbed right up, and there he sat, very content.

       My parents arrived just fifteen minutes after I delivered, just a tad late to rescue Nolan from the delivery drama. We gave them the news that they had another granddaughter to add to their brood of eight. 

       Immediately after her birth, the nurses kept referring to "her". It was so odd to hear. In our house I've always been so outnumbered. I'm used to hearing "him", "he" and "his," but "her" was new to me. She was born with straight hair (thank the Lord), that was a dark blond, in comparison to Nolan's brown wavy hair at birth. She had Jon's long skinny legs, and long skinny fingers and feet. We're wondering if she'll be towering over her brother in a few years.

More about life at home with Quincy up next!

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