Thursday, July 7, 2011


       Whew, time to catch up. I've thought about posting many times but something kept getting in my way. Playing with Nolan, reading books, crafting for Nolan's birthday, enjoying the Summer.  It's all been pretty lovely but something had to give, and that something was the blog. I thought it was about time I drop in and do some catching up. So let the randomness roll...
I told you about that little addiction I have called Pinterest
Well, Pinterest remains to be amazing, 
but I decided I needed to stop pinning and start doing. 
So every week I'm aiming to create, 
cook or make something that I'm inspired by on Pinterest
I've whipped up blueberry crumble bars
homemade macaroni and cheese,
mint brownies, 
and a fruit pizza for my birthday.
Not to mention, I've found lots of inspiration for craft projects.
It started with some homemade invitations for Nolan's Birthday dinner. 
Exhibit A.
I'll have lots more images to share next week,
of all of the craftiness that's been going on at
Casa Milam.
A few weeks ago, we met some friends at the beach for a BBQ.
It was love at first graham cracker.
That's Nolan and his friend Romi. 
Getting a lift from their papas.

I thought it was a good time to snap a Summer 2011 Family photo.

It's so good to enjoy time at the beach in the Summer with friends.
We officially have a madman on the loose in our house.
My name is Nolan, 
I like dog food, 
power outlets, 
power cords,
and graham crackers.
And he can be a bit of a drama queen king.
We bought a bike trailer for Nolan. 
Come to find out, 
it was more a gift for Jon than Nolan.
I should have anticipated that.
The verdict is still out on what Buzz thinks of it. 
Jon tells me that Nolan likes going fast.
We even had a couple of guests from across the country.
It was a brief visit but it was good to catch up.
Three generations of Milams
(two looking at the camera at one time was
about the best that we could do). 
And OF COURSE,  there was the Fourth of July. 
My official new 3rd favorite holiday of the year, 
(very closely behind Thanksgiving and Christmas). 
I LOVE the Fourth of July. 
There is an amazing energy around this time of year. 
Everyone on the streets and in our neighborhood
was sooooo friendly. 
I wish we celebrated it all Summer long. 
When we do at long last have our own home, 
I've decided it will look patriotic in the Summer months.
By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, 
I was really craving a Margarita and I wanted 
to kick off the holiday weekend right. 
So I grabbed a couple of friends, 
and Buzz, 
and we headed down the street to Jakes for a drink.
Please note: Yes, my son's hair is standing up on his head 
by about 3 inches. 
He's getting a big haircut at the end of this month!

On Saturday morning, Nolan and I popped in on Jon at the
Meeks Bay Pancake Breakfast.

And that's it....
for my Fourth of July pictures.
How very sad. 
I just couldn' camera.
Sometimes lugging the camera around
and getting myself motivated to find the right
setting for the right picture is just too exhausting.
But let me tell you, we were really enjoying ourselves.
We went to the beach,
where Nolan made it clear that he thinks that Lake Tahoe
is far too cold. 
I turned 30
and we watched fireworks!
To our amazement Nolan actually loved them. 
He sat on his dad's lap pointing and sucking his thumb
the whole time.

 Next week is Nolan's 1st Birthday and the entire
Hay clan is in Tahoe for our annual vacation
(and I have the week off of work!). 
I promise to take photos and share them!
Hope that you're having a great Summer!

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