Monday, July 25, 2011

Staycation 2011

        We live in a pretty place, but we don't usually have the time to enjoy it as much as we should. My families annual trip to Tahoe is the perfect reason for us to relish in a full staycation. The Hay clan came to Tahoe for the Annual Tahoe Summer Family Trip (this was the 5th year!). That means 9 adults, 1 tween, and 4 kids under the age of 4 were all under one roof. We consumed a lot of food and did a lot of swimming, celebrated 3 birthdays, and spent a lot of time on our hands and knees playing with kids. I got to practice with our camera and took way too many pictures. Way too many.
These were the two youngest of the gang.
Four months apart and both weighing in at twenty-one pounds. 
I have a feeling they'll be running around together
next year causing lots of chaos.
Colby is one of the sweetest baby's around.
Cousins don't care to look at the camera for their 
aunt in the midst of playing toys.

The cousins made for one tired Blue dog.
Oh yeah, and the house that 
we (well, technically my parents) rented was amazing. 
We spent a lot of time in the kitchen. 
We took walks, because
walking was a good baby activity.
The neighborhood that we were staying in
had a private pool and park.
Grass is actually a novelty for Buzz. 
He doesn't really like the feel of it on his skin. 
I guess he's too used to snow.
Nolan and I got to spend a lot of time together
playing and cuddling. 
It was nice to get in as many cuddles as possible.
Jon had to work a lot during the week, 
but when he was around we fit in
lots of family fun time.
We played in the front yard.
And test tasted the lawn.

We loved using the pool. 
Pools aren't the norm in Tahoe so getting 
to hop in for a soak all week was fun.
Our kid is a fish. 
He loves the pool.
And of course he loves it when
his daddy plays with him in the pool.

The pool did the trick for tiring all the kiddos out.
The house that we rented also had 
access to a private beach. 
I never get tired of looking at the lake.
Jon and I are thinking of buying a house
on the lake with a pier.
My son likes putting any odds and ends
 from the sand in his mouth.

I can't believe the amount of family photos
that we were able to capture during the week!
One morning, 
we rented a boat so that we could
get out on the lake. 
Here we are in our best yachting attire.

Roxy was a champ the whole ride. 
Nolan never would have lasted out there.
My favorite part of being on the lake
is house stalking. 
There are McMansions lining the whole shoreline.
That's a huge staircase and elevator track down 
to the water. 
I was sweet on this one on the left.
But I could probably make any of them work.
Jon decided that we HAVE to have a boat.

Grandma did some babysitting for us while we were out on the lake. 
This was the third time we'd been out of the house
without Nolan since he was born. 
The first was for an hour trip to Target
(in which he started crying so we had to come home), 
and the second was for going out on 
waverunners earlier in the week. 
At the end of the week we attempted a cousins picture. 
My sister envisioned all of the kids lined up on the pier
all charming like.
It didn't work out quite so smoothly.
Katherine is a saint. 
My son on the other hand...
Apparently getting a photo taken is very traumatizing for a one year old.
It was a great week. 
I feel like I got a full dose of enjoying
Summer in Tahoe, 
which isn't usually the case when our work 
schedules make that hard to do.

Later this week I'm hoping to share
an update on how Jon and I are doing on accomplishing our 2011 goals. 
AND Jon's family is coming into town this week,
 so we'll be having lots of fun later this week,
and should have more pictures to share soon!
Love from Tahoe

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