Monday, June 6, 2011

1st Birthday Thoughts

       Last week I was sitting at my desk at work (concentrating very hard on the tasks ahead of case anyone from work is reading this). I looked up at my calendar and realized it was June 1st. (although looking outside you might think it was mid-January. Seriously. It's an issue.). Then my breathing got a little bit faster, and suddenly a little bit of anxiety built up in my chest (at this point my officemate was starting to stare). It was then that I realized that in LESS THAN A MONTH my little boy will be one.  As in, has lived 12 FULL MONTHS ON THIS EARTH. Something has to be wrong here. This can't be right.
       But it is right. Nolan has almost reached the ripe age of eleven months, and one year will be upon us before I know it. As much as I can choose to deny it, I'll just choose the best cliche to fit my thoughts... time flies
       The first eleven months have been crazy, but each month Nolan has gotten cooler and cooler. No seriously. He's very cool at this point. He is so interactive. So loving.  So innocent. The next twelve months can only bring more cool things. So I'm coping, and I'm trying to convince Jon to let me have more babies. But convincing is going to take a while, so in the meantime I'm planning Nolan's 1st Birthday Party. 
       As luck would have it, on Nolan's actual 1st birthday my family will be in Tahoe for their annual summer vacay, so we're putting together a little birthday dinner for the big guy. And here's what I'm thinking (clockwise from the top!)...
1) I'm going to whip up a tablecloth with some fun fabric. I'm thinking a green print, but we'll see what jumps out at me.
2) A key lime layer cake. I found a recipe so I'm going to try my hand at it. Nolan actually has a strong gag reflex and I'm not sure he'll care for choking down any cake, but we'll give it a go. Oh, and I'll be making some bunting for up top. 
3) Flower paper lanterns. I'm dying to make some of these babies. Cute and very affordable to whip up.
4) More green print fabric...I liked it so I threw it in there.
5) Some paper garland. I've never made this style of garland before so I'm looking forward to crafting it up some evening after Nolan's in bed. Scrapbook paper + glue + ribbon = Paper garland.
6) Striped straws. I love them. Not sure how I'll use them, or if I'll get them, but I like the thought. 
7) Tissue paper number. I'm thinking of crafting a #1 to mark the occasion.
8) Bunting invitations. I need to start whipping these up asap!
       We're thinking of another bbq later in the month of July to celebrate with other friends and family! He's a popular little guy, what can I say. An early birthday gift for Nolan arrived on Friday and Jon is going to be putting it together very soon! I'll share more on that later this week.

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