Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunshine, yes please!

       We're on our way to the beach and we cannot wait. This weekend we'll be heading down to the bay area for Easter weekend with the Hay clan. That means lots of kids, lots of candy, and some sunshine! On Sunday evening we're heading to the coast where we booked a cottage for three nights. And we couldn't be more ready for a getaway.  Well actually, we have lots of packing to do before we're actually ready for it, but mentally we're very ready
We booked ourselves a small cottage, close to the beach.
The porch and views sold it for me.
I anticipate lots of coffee being sipped out there. 

We'll be at a small beach on the Sonoma Coast. 
It's village features a coffee shop and a surf shop. 
And that's about it. 
Jon already has big plans for renting himself a board.
We'll bring our camera and take lots of pictures. 
Have I mentioned we're still shoveling
 snow off of our deck and steps here?

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  1. Have a great time, you guys soooooo deserve it! : ) xoxoxo