Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday

       We're back! And there's lots to share! We escaped Tahoe for 5 days and it was wonderful. We kept our camera at hand to take lots of pics. Our trip started in Benicia, for Easter with my family. So let's jump in...
       For Easter, I definitely wanted to handcraft Nolan an Easter basket chockedful of homemade love, so that's just what I did. In the spirit of "use what you have" I searched around the house to see what supplies I could pull from. I was pleasantly surprised when my eyes landed on this beauty on a shelf in our garage. 
       During one of Nolan's naps, I painted the basket with some light grey paint to give it a bit of a facelift. From there I started adding a few more details and filling it up. I used some burlap fabric that I already had to "stuff" the basket and then filled it with a few pairs of socks (yes, my boy gets socks for Easter. Terrible, I know), some candy for his daddy, and a few dog toys for his bro, among other things. Because I'm obsessed with bunting, I made some from paper that I already had on hand and strung it from the handle. 
And I crafted a few rosettes from fabric and a hot glue gun. 

When it was all said and done I was happy with my very 
affordable (less then $10.00) and charming basket.
       After Easter Mass, where Nolan did amazingly well
(though a bit talkative) we went home 
and let him have at his Easter basket.

Luckily, his cousin Roxy was there to lend him a helping hand.

He was most interested
though in trying to put every little thing in his mouth. 
Baby quality control.

I'm pretty happy that I forked over .99 
for this set of ears at Tarjay.
Nolan and his cousins,
and proof that Nolan's hair does not run on 
my side of the family.
And then, it was time for the Annual Hay Easter Egg Hunt.
The bunny that stops by our neck of the woods
hides the eggs very well.
As in really well.
Buzz was not overly interested in hunting for eggs,
just in quality control.

The only thing better then hunting for the eggs,
is opening them up to see how you did. 
Our bunny uses moo-lah instead of candy.

There was also lots of good play time.

So that was our Easter in a nutshell.
Afterwards we were pooped. 
Something about lots of small kids running around
that takes it out of me every time.
After we said goodbye to my family 
we made the drive out to the beach. 
I'll be back on Monday with the rundown on our beach getaway.
In a word, it was perfect.

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