Monday, April 11, 2011

I Dream of Homes: Bathroom

       I have a confession to make. It's one I've been aware of for quite sometime, but I've kept it under wraps until now. Wait for it. I have a secret little obsession with interior design. I know, what woman doesn't right? Well, it's becoming a bit of an illness. I spend freetime combing over real estate listings and by this point I think I'm pretty well versed on every home in our market. Honestly. I'm actually not sure why I'm not working in real estate.  I daydream up how I would renovate and decorate said homes and lets just say that my slight addiction to HGTV is not helping the matter.  A while back, I started taking it one step further. In order to help define and identify my personal design stye I started stock piling images and dreaming up design boards for our future house. I thought it was about time that  I share it. So here it is. 
       There are a few things that you should keep in mind when reading on. First, when we buy a house, no matter where it is, it will be  a fixer-upper to some extent (and there's a pretty good possibility that it will be totally hideous) .  I've created an image in my head of our future home and surely, no home will fit the bill perfectly, and most likely none in our budget will come close. Second, we welcome the projects. We see the charm in making something ours and putting the Milam stamp on things, so to speak. So this little blog series will be a bit of insight into what our future budget home renovation plans will be. I'm calling this little series I Dream of Homes
       I'm jumping off with a bathroom design plan. Yes, I know. Not the most exciting room of the house, but it's small and approachable and I'm new to this so there I shall start. So here's what I'm thinking: Neutrals with lots of texture.
     1) Wood floors. I love wood floors and my hope of hopes is that one day we can afford to have wood floors throughout. It will serve as a great bouncing off point for the other neutral tones in the room.
     2)  Monochromatic. Usually I love some exciting pops of color and a touch of the eclectic vibe but in a smaller bathroom space a unified color scheme appeals to me. Lately I've been loving this seagreen color for its versatility and understated charm. 
     3) Textiles. I have a real love for textiles and patterns. I've included two here; a grey print and a neutral floral. While I'm not married to these particular prints, I really love what they bring to the room.
      4) Beadboard panneling. I L-O-V-E it. It's white. It's charming and it adds insta-character to a space. It's also a very doable DIY project and I hope to incorporate it into lots of our spaces. 
      5) Carrera marble. Yeah, it probably won't happen on our budget, but there's a chance. I love it. Classic & clean.
       So thats it. Nothing mind-blowing. Just our soon-to-be-but-not-sure-how-soon home. I have more rooms to share and they're in the lineup for things to follow. 
*** Please keep in mind that I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to design. I'm just talking, really.

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