Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Great Furniture Hunt 2014: Part II

So, I shared with you some of the shopping I've done for seating for our living room. You may remember, that I left you with the reveal that we'll be buying two of these guys to rest below our planked wall.
So what will be sitting between them?
Something I have a fairly unhealthy obsession with: a wicker trunk.
Source Unknown
(ironically, I just picked up those striped pottery barn pillows
in amazing condition at our local thrift store for 10 bucks each!)
House and Home
Source Unknown
Source Unknown
Are you picking up what I'm putting down? The texture. The character. Its a little bit country. A little bit rustic. And a whole lot of me. I can't wait to get my hands on one....after we have our hardwood flooring project done, obvi.
The first trunk that I saw retailing was this one.
It was absolutely perfect. I was in love. But it was out of my budget at $299.00.
Leave it to Ikea to have a similar option, at a much lower price point ($59.99!).
Enter the BYHOLMA Chest
I saw it in a fleeting moment while I was in Ikea
(I had both kids with me, and immediately after seeing it, the meltdowns began),
 and I was impressed with it.
Sturdy. Attractive. Nice dimensions.
Pinterest was filled with images where people had put the affordable BYHOLMA to attractive use.
When I looked more closely at this refined boys room that I was already in love with
 and realized those were the chests in question, I was completely sold.
It was official: the Ikea chest was the way to go. I have a trip to Ikea in mind for mid-March (the nearest one to us is hours away) and I have a list of things I'm hoping to gather while I'm there. I can't wait to have my chairs and wicker chest in place, so I can move on to daydreaming about something new.

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