Monday, February 3, 2014

Quincy May's First Birthday Brunch

Somehow, I feel as if I am generally more tired and overwhelmed then most moms out there. Our life is blessed, but sometimes I am left feeling more exhausted then joyful or grateful. I unfortunately am not super-charged, can work all the time, cook organic dinners, and always be the hostess with the mostess, mom. I wish I was, but I am not. So, as Quincy's birthday approached, I knew,  if I was going to pull anything together it had to be easy, and I had to make decisions quickly. I vowed not to look at pinterest, and the overload of done-too-well birthdays out there. I wouldn't become stressed. I would put together what I could, and that would be that. 

So I decided on a birthday brunch, with easy breakfast foods, that would fit in midmorning before most toddlers had to be down for their naps. I decided on peach, gold, pink, and ivory as my jumping off point. With cold winter temps and a modest sized house, we invited just some of our closest friends and family, hoping everyone would fit under one roof. And then I  just ran with it. 

I purchased invites designed by this Etsy seller. Then I printed and packaged them myself. 

Then,  of course, we ordered hardwood floors (and no, we have not yet gotten around to painting the ceiling). The originally estimated three week delivery time was bumped up to one week (ONE WEEK!). Meaning, obviously, that our living room looked like this two days before the party. Obviously.
While thoughts of canceling danced through my head, we persevered. Q's party had to go on. So Jon stacked hardwood. I decorated. And we got it all together in the nick of time. That may or may not be hardwood flooring stacked in the back of that photo. That wall, however, may or not be white, instead of peach (insert smiley face).
For brunch, I laid some wrapping paper down the center of the table. 
I mixed and matched lots of white dishware that we had on hand.
I circle punched miscellaneous papers from my craft closet.
And…I sprinkled a few extra Quincy heads around…for good measure.
The food was easy. I recommend it. 
I put together a few yogurt parfaits in some glassware that we already had.
Picked up a few goodies from our local bakery.
Homegirl was not about to bake up homemade muffins. 
Come on.

Whipped together some mini frittatas the morning of.
With bacon and cheese, clearly.
I  made a glittery birthday banner, meanwhile getting gold glitter in most crevices in our house. 
And there was a mimosa bar. 
That I failed to take pictures of. 
I apologize.
I was busy having a mimosa.

Quincy was a doll, as usual. 
And Nolan was so excited to have friends over. 
He kinda-sorta thought it was his first birthday party.
I considered giving her a first hair cut before the party. 
Always the picture of content sweetness this one. 
And, she enjoyed the cake, to boot.
We attempted to get Nolan in this photo with her.
Despite his great attitude, he would not oblige us with a photo.
Nope, he dive bombed his face into a hidden nook.
That child.

We call her Mince, Wince, Quince, or Q May. Pretty much any name other then Quincy. She is a dose of sweetness everyday. She prefers her dada over her mama, both of which she says out loud. She crawls, with little interest in walking. Missy has two teeth, and likes to eat anything other then baby food. She can spot a spec of play dough on our carpet from across the room. And will eat it. And proceed to drool blue. And girl has no interest in sleeping through the night. None, whatsoever. We could not be without her. She made our family feel so much more complete.

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