Monday, February 10, 2014

The Great Furniture Hunt 2014: Part I

I've been talking lots about the plans and happenings in our living room. I'm probably too excited to start sharing with you our furniture selections and details of my hunt. So here I am, sharing.

I hinted here  that I was leaning towards two over sized chairs to sit along our planked wall. This chair over at Crate and Barrel, was my first inspiration for that idea. I loved the straight clean lines of the arms, and the casual draped linen fabric. It was modern, meets comfortable and casual. I ordered some free swatches, and the color below was my first pick. It was priced at $1299.00. The total for two, including tax and delivery came out to $2,981.00. Gulp...that was just for one area of our living room. And, to my knowledge, they haven't gone on sale yet in four months. But my, she's pretty, isn't she?
Then I thought. And I thought. And I talked to Jon. Jon has an affective way of bringing me back to reality pretty quickly. He wasn't able to wrap his head around the price point. at. all. Sometime soon thereafter I read a great blog post regarding decorating for the stage of life that you are currently in. We're currently in a stage filled with leaking diapers, dog hair, spilled milk and juice, dirty sticky hands, and expression via markers.  So I started to envision how these beauties would actually look in our house.  All of the sudden, it became apparent that this $3,000.00 splurge might not be the best fit for this stage in our life.
Crate and Barrel actually has the market on over sized or Chair and a Half's
(that's actually how they are commonly named),
cornered if you ask me. They have attractive option,
after attractive option.

But they are all expensive, and wouldn't look so great with grape jelly smeared all over them. So, I considered an over sized leather option. Because I was already thinking a leather sofa/sectional might be necessary for our main seating area, due to durability and wipeability, I didn't want to go that route. Too much leather= too lodge-esque for me. So, I continued my hunt.

Obviously, Pottery Barn, the go-to retailer when people start their furniture search, had an option. I actually didn't like the shape of their version nearly as much as I liked the options above. Theirs had a bit too much roll in the arms for me. It was $1,249.00 each, and with shipping surcharges and tax the total for two came out to $3,111.00. While they regularly run sales that you could take advantage of if you were patient, their maximum sale discount is usually about 20%, so you're still looking at about $2500.
Eventually, my search lead me to JCPenny's. Confession time:  I've never in my life, actually shopped at JCP. Perusing online, I was pretty impressed with several of their furniture options.

Well played JCP. They had a few Chair and a Half options themselves, and I was impressed with a couple of them.

After lots of processing, I decided that the JCPenny Friday Twill chair (immediately above) would probably be the way to go. I was initially turned off by the slightly rolled arms, however after some thought, I realized the curves and cottagy/country vibe would probably work well against the straight lines of our planked wall and grid of frames. A month ago it was priced at about $1400.00, however since then, they've increased the price to $1660.00. However, never, I mean ever, pay full price at JCP.

My search proved that I'd be hard pressed to find a better price with a look that I liked. But before I was ready to spend the money, I really wanted to see how the quality of the chair looked in person. Luckily, they had it in stock in our nearest store and I got to take a peak a few weeks back.

I'm pleased to report that I was completely happy with the quality of the fabric and the structure of the chair (the chair looks a little green in my iphone photo, due to the lighting). And my goodness, the overall styling of their store was impressive for the price points that they offer. I sat and tried out several of their other pieces, and also got my hands on their rugs, vases, pillows, and curtains. 
 I snapped a picture as well of their Friday Twill Sofa in the lighter Natural option. While I really love this color, the thought of white furniture gives me an anxiety attack, so khaki it shall be.
Okay, okay, okay...the best part...JCP is always running sales. Like, constantly. Just after the holidays when I visited their store, they were at about 50% off, bringing the inclusive price for two, to $1500.00-$1600.00. Yep, half the price of the Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn options. Currently, they are marked down by about 40%, and with their recent price increase the inclusive price is $2,050.00- still a 1k savings over their competitors.  I unfortunately, am not yet in a position to buy them (I need the hardwoods laid first, so that these beauties have a place to sit), but I'm going to be keeping my eye on them regularly.
I've got to run, but I can't wait to show you what I plan to sit between the chairs, and some ideas on how they'll be styled. Next, I finally have the reveal of our nook overhaul!

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