Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Playdate with Cousins

Cousins are the best.
Even more so when they have crazy curly hair like you.
And like to play at the park with you.
In September, Nolan's cousins came to Tahoe for a little getaway,
and Nolan landed himself a playdate.
Sweet Colby is four months younger then Nolan
and was just learning to crawl.
We've realized that we love our little local park. 
It's complete with a playground, grass, and a lake front beach. 
It's the trifecta.
During the fall 
there is hardly anyone else there.
This was the first time that Nolan and Riley enjoyed each other.
It makes me think that there are many fun years to come for them.

Nolan's becoming proficient at the slide. 
He now does it every which way that he can, by himself.
(Man, I love those little legs of his.)

It made Jon and I wish very much that his cousins were closer
for more playdates. 
Luckily, he should be getting a good dose of cousin time this holiday season.

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