Monday, August 15, 2011

Just a Little Bit Behind

       We're just a little bit behind when it comes to keeping you updated on Milam happenings. When a cold sweeps through the Milam house, followed by a broken rib, we tend to find ourselves a bit off balance. But we're healing and getting ourselves back on track now.
       A couple of weeks ago Jon's mom and sister came out to stay with us and oh what fun we did have.
We ate out lots.
(Note: Yes, Nolan's hair is NUTS in this picture,
but stay tuned. I'll share about his first hair
cut later this week)
One morning, while Becky was off getting her yoga on
 we took a walk to grab coffee.

Of course, we beached it up while they were here.
Meeks Bay was our favorite spot this year.
Having the sun paranoa that I do, 
we keep Nolan very much protected when we're on the sand.
He's got his own mini-tent to hang out in.
I love this picture. 
He was trying to get at me through the netting.
Somehow I failed to manage very many good pictures at the beach. 
Imagine us lounging, 
people watching, 
digging sand and rocks out of Nolan's mouth, 
and a very blue lake. 
One night we tried a new Mexican restaurant in town.
(Somehow I managed to not get a picture of all of us
together the whole weekend. 
What the heck was I thinking!!!)
Grandma Babs gave Nolan a bath.

I'm kicking myself for not taking more photos from the trip. 
Where was my head?
More on Nolan's haircut on Wednesday!

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