Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Case of Crazy Hair

       We've been looking at Nolan's sweet face for over a year so to me his hair is the norm. But, man do we get a lot of stares and snickers when we go out (I think I counted about 30 comments on one shopping trip in Reno. 30!). Sometimes I actually get sick of the comments. Is that bad?And then, add to it all of the times that he's confused for a girl, even though he's wearing a blue shirt. And fireman socks.  Sure signs that he's a boy people. I'll admit, I have a running list of Afro inspired Halloween costume ideas for him (Kramer, anyone?). Here are the things we're ALWAYS hearing when we go out.

1) Where does he get that hair?
                 This is the number one question that we get.  They look at my straight blond hair and then to Jon's short do and they can't figure it out. This is when we clue then in as to why oh why we keep Jon's hair short. That was Jon many a year ago and a glimpse of my son in a few years.
2) Do you style it like that?
                Absolutely not. I rarely comb his hair. Bad mom perhaps? It actually gets bigger if you comb it.

3) Can't you use some gel on it?
                We've tried mousse. I was advised that mousse was the way to go. The mousse looked cute for about 5 minutes and then it was gone. No trace that it was ever there. I'm wanting to try some curling gel soon.

4) Do you ever cut it?
                 Before his first birthday I had trimmed it about 3 times. I saved a few of those locks. We wanted to let it go natural, but after a while the long fuzz wasn't allowing for his cool curls to be shown off.
       So at some point, we decided that after he turned a year, it was time to tame that curly beast. We let it go natural for long enough. We waited for Jon's mom and sister to visit, so that they could see the fro in it's full glory before we took some scissors to it. And then...we cut it. Here I am in action with the scissors (sorry for the not so great photos. I just picked them up and started at it.)
And here's what we were left with. 
Quit gross actually.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to bring myself to saving his fluff.
The next day, this is what my sweet boy was looking like. 
Plenty of curls, but not so much crazy fluff. 
We're still getting lots of comments but 
the girl confusion has calmed down a bit. 
I think it's already grown out a little. 
I better keep the scissors handy...

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