Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beach Getaway: Part III

       Okay, where were we? The beach is already starting to feel like it was so long ago. We're facing down a few days of snow & rain and Jon has been running around day and night with a lot going on. Naps and relaxing seem just like a distant memory. But, I've got more pictures to share so I'm back with the third and final installment. 
We spent a lot of time in our cute cottage. 
We attempted to wrangle Nolan in his playpen,
but he was on to us. 
And despite the snotty nose below, 
the time off from daycare was great for his health. 
It was refreshing to have a boy who wasn't coughing.
We did lots of reading. 
I dove into a book that had been on my 
"to read" list for quite a while. 
We try to read to Nolan every day. 
He's still of the mind though, 
that books taste better then they look.
One day on our trip, 
we took a stroll through the campground & cow pasture. 
It's a bit of an odd combination,
but the owner of the land established a campground,
and lets his cows graze on the same land.
It makes for some good sight seeing.

Blue was slightly unsure of the whole thing.
For ten months, I've been wanting
to capture a family photo of all of us.
I was pretty determined while we were at the beach.
I think this is the best that we did
(even though Blue looks like he's dreaming
of a nap on a soft bed).
While Nolan napped, we even nabbed one of just us. 
We can look at this when Tahoe is feeling extra dreary.
On our last night, we headed out
for a sunset walk. It was windy
but we were determined.
Jon got the odd urge to grab Blue for a photo.
Man, that dog loves him.
On our final morning, before we drove
away from this cute cottage and the expansive views,
we had to have one more walk on the beach.

You may have noticed that Buzz spends a lot
of time in the carrier. 
It's kind of his happy place.

We're thinking of making it a family tradition to 
get some sand between our toes every Spring.
I'm all about traditions.
This weekend the Amgen Tour of California (It's a cycling race)
is rolling through Tahoe. 
Jon and I will both busy helping in our own ways,
 (as are most locals).
Currently there's a risk that the race will get snowed out,
if it doesn't, I plan to have some photos to share this week!
There's definitely a buzz up here. 
There are LOTS of cyclists out on the roads,
we've seen the teams doing warm up rides on the lake, 
and there are lots of people in town. 
Crossing our fingers that this thing works out. 
More soon!

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