Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Month Happenings

It's good to be 10 months old.
You get invited to birthday parties.
And there are ball pits at the party. 
What's better than ball pits?
You have your first proper introduction to grass 
and grass tastes wonderful.
Nolan wasn't the only kiddo there digging in 
on some dirt and grass.
Dad's are good for hitching a ride.
This is one of my favorite 10 month traits of Nolan's...
the sassy point.
On Sunday, the sun was out, 
so we took our 10 month old for a walk to the park.
Jon's legs were happy to see the light of day too.
The snow that I've been complaining about has left 
our lake very nice and full. 
Last year, there
was about 15' more of rock showing.
10 month olds swing.
And like to watch other kids swing.

Swinging with your dad is awesome.

*** You may have noticed that the blog has gotten a little facelift. I've been tweaking. I'm also having problems with the clarity of my pictures on the blog (they look so much clearer in our iphoto program), but I'm working on it. Hints would be appreciated!

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