Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beach Getaway: Part II

       ***Sorry for the delay on Part II. Our laptop was at the Mac store for a repair!
       Our stay at the beach went something like this: Wake up too early because Nolan runs the show, drink coffee, stare at ocean,  Jonny cooks up a big breakfast involving far too much bacon, family walk, play with Nolan, stare at ocean, Nolan takes a nap so we read and take naps,  have a beer, stare at the ocean, go to the beach, have another get the drift.
       One morning we stopped by the surf shop and rented Jon a board and wetsuit. He'd surfed a few times in South Carolina, and although I learned to surf in Ecuador I decided I'd stay on the beach with Buzz and Blue, while he hit the waves.

I'm going to spare you the many shots I took of him surfing. 
We don't yet have a big lense for shooting farther distances,
so the images all look a lot like this.
He's the black speck.
While dad surfed, 
me and my two boys
took in the sights of the beach.
I was secretly on the hunt for perfect sanddollars.
I came home with a baby one in mint condition.
Most though, were a little rough around the edges.

There were lots of these boys all over the place.
Which made Jonny a tad bit nervous being in the water.
Blue was probably the happiest that he's been
in over 9 months. 

And we left our mark in the sand.
Because babies and sand aren't a great
combintation, we waited back at the cottage while Jon 
got in as much surfing time as possible.
Buzz is becoming more and more of a busy body.

Our wet dog had to spend the day outside drying off.
He much prefers to be inside, with us, on a couch.
Even though the house came equipped with a BBQ,
(and we came equipped with charcoal),
we really wanted to treat ourself out to some seafood.
So after Jon's day of surfing, 
we decided on a little restaurant 
that I had heard of that was just a
fifteen minute drive down the bay.
So that evening, we landed ourselves at Nick's Cove for dinner.

While we enjoyed barbequed oysters, crab cakes,
and calamari Buzz kept himself busy with his Puff snacks.
Part III is on the way!
Stay tuned.

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