Monday, July 14, 2014

Inspired By...

I pinned an image over on pinterest several weeks back and after seeing that one room, I really wanted to take the full tour of the house. The photo originated from a real estate listing for a home in the Sonoma, CA area. The home must now be off market now because it's no longer featured on their site, and I wish I had taken notice of the square footage and acreage when it was still active. It comes across as a smallish house, and probably serves as someones vacation home in the Napa Valley.  So, who wants to snoop around with me?
The rustic country entrance is a little bit farmhouse, and a little bit mountain cabin.
The kitchen was the original image that peeked my interest. 
It is tiny, but quaint. From the white planking, galvanized barn light, 
roman bamboo blinds, and the gray-green cabinetry
(I would love to know what paint color that is!), I was kind-of, sort-of, swooning.  
The mix of the refined marble countertops and the antique butcher block island: Bravo!
Oh, what's that you say? 
More white planking, more roman bamboo blinds, 
contrasting dark window casings, nautical sconces 
and the mix of textures. Yep, smitten.
Who wouldn't want to settle into this room for their weekend retreat?

Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind having a glass of wine (okay, bottle) in this backyard.
I wish the tour they provided was longer! What eye candy. So what do you think? Does this place strike a cord with you? As I try to define and hone my design taste further, I'm always interested when I find an entire home that hits on numerous design choices that I'm attracted too. This one just does that. Happy Monday y'all!

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  1. What an unique roller blinds. I like these bamboo blinds on your windows. Also, im interesting what is the roller blinds price? Im thinking about something like that to get for my new home :)