Friday, July 25, 2014

Annual Family Vacation 2014

Me and the family were lakeside last week on the shores of Tahoe for my families annual summer vacation. I think this was the seventh consecutive year we made the trip (eighth, maybe?). This year, the trip fit perfectly between the end of my hospitality career and the start of a new one. There was beach time, pool time, tie-dying, bike riding, some mini-golf and Jon and I even fit in a paddle boarding date.

My family is a big one, including 9 adults, 2 teens, 6 kids under the age of six, and 1 yellow lab. This year was a tad bit easier than years past, as all kiddos can now sleep through the night and nap schedules are getting to be a bit more flexible. We're lasting longer at the beach, longer in the pool, and sleeping in a tad bit later. Apparently though, we're entering a new phase with all of these kids under one roof: injuries. There were a few throughout the week that caused some tears and blood, but the biggest was when our poor nephew cut his nose open. It ended up with at trip to the ER, 5 stitches, and the incident may have included his dad passing out due to the blood. Yep, our vacay's are far from dull.

In no particular order, here's a glimpse (including some iPhone pics) into what last week looked like for us.

This was one of the injuries of the week:
Q's forehead vs. the front patio.
We tried out a tie-dying activity. 
It was kind of awesome, and very summer camp-esque.

Nolan showed that he isn't quite ready for golf. 
His mini-golf etiquette was lacking just a tad.

On one of the last afternoons, a thunder storm rolled in. 
I love Tahoe thunder storms and I remember them from the summers that
 I spent at the lake as a kid.
These four were perfectly happy to sit on the front steps and watch the rainy show too
(they were also waiting for cousin, who was in the ER getting his stitches).
I'm hopeful that within the next two weeks my new blog site will be ready to launch.  I'm so excited to share the new look with you. There are still some kinks that I need to work through but I'm pushing to have it all wrapped up asap. I may be bit quiet over here until it's launched, as I'm finding that free time is hard to come by these days!
Happy summer to you!

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