Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer 2013

       The mornings are getting brisk here. I know in other places 30-40 degrees is downright cold, but to us it's just brisk, and kind of refreshing actually. The cold mornings remind us that summer will very soon be gone, but luckily, we'll have fall to greet us. Before I say hello to autumn, I wanted to remember this summer. This summer has been one of the most full, runneth over with plans and activities, summers that we've had in many years. Having two kids makes the summer so full of life. Because of our kids we are outside in our neighborhood nightly, talking to everyone that lives nearby. Because of our kids we know the regular families at our community pool. And because of our kids, taking advantage of the late sunlight on our lawn in our backyard is both simple and fulfilling. I haven't popped in nearly enough the past couple of months with images of our life, so here's a glance at Summer 2013.
Our small town is full of awesome Americana traditions
on the Fourth of July.
Including a jam packed parade down the main street.
Red, White, Blue and...Green?
A popped collar screams Independence Day.

Nolan's birthday was very simple this year. 
We like things simple. 
He received lots of clothes,
and I just had to show his adorable face opening said clothes.
He thought it was the cats meow.

Quincy has been growing far to fast for this mama. 
She has us all wrapped around her fingers.
We all have such a soft spot for her.
Her sweetness is almost enough to make me ready for another one.
She just turned seven months this past Saturday.
That kills me.
I wish I could keep her at this exact age forever, and then some.
This past month, we introduced food. 
Apparently we had been starving her, 
because she could not get enough.

As usual, brother was not far away,
and hammed it up for us.
A couple of  weeks ago, Jon got the idea for him 
and Nolan to camp out in our backyard.
I have not seen Nolan so blissful and wired in a long time.
He was on cloud nine, running around and preparing
(that's a pirate ship he's carrying, an essential when you're 
sleeping in the great outdoors).
With the boys tucked in outside, 
I put Quincy down in her room and had a glass of wine in the quiet. 
The next morning, I had my coffee and took a shower in peace  before
the boys stormed the house.
I'd say I was just as  happy a camper as Nolan.
I'd say 5 out of 7 evenings a week, we take a walk. 
We walk from our house, to a nearby court 
so that Nolan can ride his bike and get out lots of energy. 
The court is usually bustling with kids,
and we've been growing great relationships with the kids and their parents.
 At nine this is the oldest of the group
(Nolan seems to be developing a crush on her four year old sister)
and she always wants to hold Quincy. 
Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure I looked JUST like her at that age.
We spent a lot of time at our neighborhood pool this year. 
Living in this neighborhood is worth it, for the pool alone.
The pool looks out over a pond and meadow
(that may or may not be my child in the lower right hand corner, 
relieving himself through the fence)
and it's totally awesome.
This is Nolan and one of his best friends
who lives two doors down from us. 
They were born twenty days apart.
I'm gathering pictures of them to play at their high school graduation. 
Here's another one of them I snapped. 
They were having a BYOT (Truck) play date.
Jon and I had our first date night in a very long time this month. 
We've had a few lunch outings on our own, 
but I think this was our first certifiable dinner date SINCE NOLAN WAS BORN. 
I know, that's ridiculous. 
It was so exciting to see other adults...in a restaurant...after dark...
and to eat sitting down...and not smell like spit up.
Yeah, I think we're going to make it a priority to get out a bit more
(and in case you're wondering...yes, we talked about our kids).
We've also taken advantage of our towns weekly Truckee Thursday's event. 
It's a farmers market, meets craft fair, meets street food, meets music, meets kid friendly activities event. 
Yeah, it's got something for everyone and it's popular.
Parking is at a premium every week, and you are bound to run into lots of friendly faces.
PLUS, it's right on the train tracks,
and a certain little boy I know is fascinated by the tracks.
And what better way to wind down our  summer then with a 
quintessential small town rodeo. Yep, our town has one of those too.
I actually went to this same rodeo with my family when I was a kid.
This year, our friends included us in their sponsor booth, 
which gave us the BEST seats in the house. 
We were about ten feet above the loading pens for the riders.

It's possible that I loved taking pictures of all of the cowboys. 
It's also possible that Quincy started crying several times
because Jon and I were yelling for the riders. 

         So yeah, it's been a rocking summer. I hate to admit that I'm open to falls arrival, but deep down, I know I am. I love a good pair of jeans and a scarf, and I can't wait to see how all of the aspens in our yard look as they begin to change color. Are you ready to say goodbye to summer?


  1. I love your blog, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Marcela! Playdate soon?

  3. looks like an idyllic summer! And yes- I'm ready for fall, too, though I LOVED summer. I'm ready to make a fire in our fireplace and curl up with a book and herbal tea every night!

  4. I love this! So happy to see y'all's faces and so happy that you've found a perfect place to live with the fam-fam. Looking forward to spending some of the summer of 2014 with y'all in those places. Love y'all!!