Friday, August 16, 2013

Spendy McSpenderson: A Stop Shop & Our Plan

       I'm currently under a self mandated Stop Shop. Maybe this isn't a household term in your home. I hope it's not, because it's not very fun. It means, simply, I can't shop. It means, we need to make progress and utilize everything I've already purchased, before I can buy ONE MORE THING. It means, I'm doing a lot of oogling and web-window shopping, but I'm not actually clicking "buy". 
       I have been collecting, gathering and acquiring lots of great things that we do actually need and that I actually love, in order to make this place look like a home. But, our pace of completing painting projects, building furniture, re-upholstering, etc. etc. isn't actually keeping up with my quick pace of buying. So, I'm not allowed to shop (unless it's supplies for said projects) until we catch up with ourselves a bit. But, it's making me be a bit more resourceful, and it's giving me time to think through decisions. 
       While on my stop spend, I was still able to get two Euro pillows that I've been wanting, with a random gift card that we had. Now I just need to find shams that I love to cover them (my sham hunt is heading into it's umteenth month).
And, while out making a return to Pottery Barn 
(which means putting money back in my pocket), 
I found this yellow lamp shade on clearance for $12.00 bucks, 
and it was pretty much exactly what I had in mind.
Oh, and with a birthday gift card that I had on hand, 
I just nabbed up two wire baskets at WestElm
that should fit perfectly on our nightstands open shelves
(on sale + 10% promo code + free shipping + gift card = score!). 
So what else have I been adding to my wish list?
These amazing canvas striped storage bins over at 
The Container Store have me obsessed.
I want four of them for our living room built in shelves. 
Hellloooooo cute storage.
Terrain is selling an amazing watermelon colored print quilt. 
I'm thinking it would make an awesome statement wall piece for Quincy's little room.
(I've changed my mind on the plans for her room at least a dozen times,
maybe this will actually get me back on track).
And I would L.U.V., to have one of these at the end of our
upholstered bed (also by Terrain)
After we actually get it upholstered, of course.
And can save up the 500+ bucks that it costs.
        Aside from doing lots of online window shopping (it's not the ONLY thing I do), Jon and I did make progress on formulating somewhat of a plan of attack on projects for the next few months. It's all subject to change, but it's certainly giving us the direction and focus that we need to feel like we are making change in our home happen. Our goal is to continue our focus on our master bedroom until November. It won't be complete by November, that we know, but it should be three-quarters of the way there (no room will be complete until we can afford to install new flooring). November may sound far off, but in reality, we know it's not. Once November hits, we hope to tackle the dreaded job of painting our open concept living room, dining room and kitchen and then devoting the winter months to progress on that main floor. We're talking new light fixtures, drapery, blinds, built ins, area rugs and art work. I can't wait to see that all start to come together.
       In more current news, I'm so happy to report that we've made some big progress in our Master, so I'll be back next to share a few images soon!

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