Friday, July 26, 2013

The Hay's Invade Tahoe

       At the end of June, my whole family came to Tahoe for our annual family trip. We did some calculations and realized this was the seventh (!!!!) year that the tradition has lived on. We rented a gy-normous house in a private little neighborhood with a pool and it's own beach. At any given time, there were between 11 - 18 people at the house, including 1 teenager, 2 kids, 4 toddlers and 2 babies.  In random order, here's the onslaught of photos, with a little commentary for good measure.
Most mornings we headed to the beach to take advantage of
the sand before the crowds and heat.
We usually frolicked there until the kids were starving
and they needed their afternoon naps.
Stud muffin.

Let's just pretend that I have amazing triceps in this next one.

They're four months apart in age.

This was the first time in YEARS that I got in the water. 
I take after my mother and cold water just kills me. 
This year it was amazingly refreshing in the heat 
and I had to take a pic so that  Jon would believe me.

Cousin Kat. 
She's about to turn fifteen, 
and we wouldn't survive the week without her help.

Grandpa and grandma did lots of baby holding for us too.
It was very much needed and appreciated.
On closer inspection, I'm pretty sure that's 
a zip tie topping someones carefully crafted sandcastle. 
That's her name.
She'll be wearing that brand for a long time, 
whether she likes it or not.
After nap time and before dinner, 
we usually headed to the neighborhood pool.
It was just a couple of blocks away, yet
it still involved quite the load of gear 
(this is just for 2 of the families, mind you).

And then, there was just a whole lot of random summer vacation goodness.
Pretty sure this is the only picture I have of Jon from the entire week.

"Pirate" Nolan and "Mermaid" Roxy 
had some cousin time in the jacuzzi bath tub.

Water balloon fight!!!
Quincy at five months and
Delaney at seven and a half months. 
Quincy doesn't know it yet, 
but they'll be best friends for life.

       This was the first year that I could see the value of this trip for the kids, over the value of the trip for us. Seeing them interact with each other and seeing their relationships taking shape was awesome.  Relationships with cousins are as valuable and special as a relationship with siblings, and those relationships keeps giving for many many years. 
On that note, my cousin and longtime playmate will be in Tahoe
this weekend with her two young boys 
so I'll be back at the lake for some more fun in the sun in two days!

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  1. Tahoe rocks. But Tahoe + Family REALLY rocks!!