Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Buzz,

Dear Buzz,
       If I could bottle up the last three years I would. If I could go back and take a snapshot each day, I would. The time has gone far too quickly, and my baby is now a little boy. That thought is hard to wrap my head around.
Two days
Five Weeks
Two months
Three months
       Being your mom has not been easy. You had colic. You didn't sleep through the night until you were two years old. You came down with so many colds and fevers those first two years in daycare. We have made many a trip to Urgent Care (bees sting on your lip, hitting your head on your bike, dropping you at three months {sorry about that one}). There was your hitting phase (that made for some awkward moments with other parents). And I didn't think you would every potty train.  You have your father's stubbornness and your mom's sass. You've shown us that we have even less patience then I thought we did. You are my fiesty one.
Six Months
Six Months
       You are a mama's boy, but your daddy's sidekick. You love riding your bike like daddy, and I tell you to slow down all of the time.  You are a home-body like us, and you like having your own quiet time. Having too many kids or people around overstimulates you, and it always has. You are always dirty. Always. You never let me wipe your nose, and there is always food on your face, but you don't notice. You are now swimming like a fish, but you eat like a bird. People comment on your hair several times, every day. They love it. They can't get enough of it.   You are cautious, which I am thankful for. You still carry your "baby" with you everywhere we go. And your thumb soothes you when you are tired, over done, or cranky.
Eleven Months
Eleven Months
Eleven Months
       You rolled over late. You crawled late. You walked late. But talking, you blew that one out of the water. This year you watched your sister's birth (sorry about that one bud). You have little friendships that are budding and growing. You transitioned into a big boy bed without a hitch.  You don't yet care about computers, phones, or i-anythings, and I hope it stays that way for a long while. There will be plenty of time for that when you are older.
Fourteen months
Fifteen months
       You are a boys-boy through and through, but your sweet heart surprises me every day. You transitioned into the role of big brother this year so easily. You have never shown jealousy over Quincy's arrival. You make her laugh. You coo at her. You bring her toys. She loves watching you. When anyone new comes near, you hover over her and make sure they know you're the brother. You introduce her to strangers as your sister "Kincy". You can make her smile the way no one else can. I hope that bond continues, and only grows stronger and deeper.
Twenty seven months
Twenty eight months
Thirty three months
       We hope to foster in you a love of books and the outdoors. To let your personality grow as large as can be, while instilling manners, empathy, and a gentleness. You have been a gift to your daddy and me, and we hope to gift you an adventurous and playful childhood, filled with attention, dirt, and laughter. Your daddy and I work hard (and often too much) to provide for you, and we hope that you learn the value of working hard in this lifetime to achieve your own goals.
       Happy 3rd Birthday to my feisty, funny, loves to ride bikes like daddy, talks back too much, always covered in dirt, charmer of a boy. I wouldn't have you any other way. I'm thankful for your health, wild spirit, and kind heart. Thank you for being ours, and for making us a family.
       This year we didn't do a birthday party. This mama was tired. It was too much. We kept it small, and intimate and played in our backyard. And you know, that was just fine. A few years ago my friend (Hi Carrie!), a mom of four, told me that for her daughters birthday all she got her one of those fancy grocery store balloons. I was bewildered. A balloon? And now I get it. They need very little. We think they need a lot, but they don't. Nolan has never been to Toysrus or walked down the toy aisle at Target.  He doesn't long for possessions and for the time being, I'm very much enjoying that. This year, we gifted him his first fishing pole to use at our neighborhood pond with his daddy. Hopefully that pole will gift him with many memories.


  1. Happy birthday Nolan, mom and Dad from the Bratchers!!!!!

    1. Thanks Marcela! Next year we'll do a full out party and hopefully the boys can come!- I just better start planning now if I want it to happen.

  2. Hey- that was a $6 helium butterfly balloon!! Doesn't get much better than that for a 2-year old! =) j/k Nolan is one lucky kiddo to have such a great family!