Monday, May 27, 2013

Let's Talk Design

       Before I get ahead of myself on highlighting the different projects we're working on, I thought I should share our design plan for the home. We're fortunate that this home turned out to be just what we were really looking for (expect for the price tag, sheesh). While the home has been cared for and loved, it's older and is certainly in need of some updating. It was clean and move in ready, but on the flip side it's also screaming for some new light fixtures, paint colors, flooring and style.  Before we moved in I already started formulating a long list of things to do. But now, living here and soaking it all in, I've adjusted my plans a bit. The grey paint I was thinking of for the living area will now be white. All of the pine in our kitchen is actually really charming- in a homey mountain sort of way. All of the steely blue carpet is a downer, but it's soft for the kids and helps absorb a lot of noise. The guestroom I had planned in my head is now going to be Quincy's room. And the list goes on. I'm learning, and flexing our plans as we go.
       So what is our plan for this house?  The last couple of years I have become just a tad bit obsessed with interior design, and if you follow me on pinterest you've probably noticed. I've been collecting images and inspiration and the pinterest overload has really helped me to hone in on my personal home tastes.  I already know what I love. I know what colors I gravitate towards. I know what light fixtures make me gaga. And that makes it all SO much easier to jump right in and make decisions. 
       The other night Jon asked me, "What is going to be the theme of our house?". I think he thinks in terms of "theme", while I think in terms of "style". I've been trying to narrow down a term to describe my (our?) taste and I've come up with Airy Country Mountain. Let me expand.
       Airy: Our rental was dark and I think we're slightly scarred by that. We're fortunate that this home has lots of windows and nice light, and the most rooms have great views of the treetops or our grassy yard. We want to capitalize on all of the light and highlight it where we can. We want it to feel open, bright, and well, airy. Here are some of my favorite shots that are a nod to this feeling:
I'm dying to do a white plank ceiling treatment 
in our vaulted living room.

       Country: There are horses down the street from us. We live 7 miles outside of town on of a semi-rural road. Every man on our street owns a truck, or two. There is a General Store IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD (which is totally awesome to have I might add). And you can't walk anywhere here without being greeted by neighborhood dogs. You just can't fight it, we are a little bit country. To us that means a casual home. A comfortable place for friends and their kids to gather. Picture a farm table in our dining room. Maybe some antlers (fake) on the wall, some pea gravel in the garden, and a barn door in our master bedroom. This may help you picture it just a bit more:
I've been obsessed with white plank walls for some time now.
Hello charming country bedroom.
We've already been perusing the world wide web for barn door hardware.
Pea Gravel. It's on my Spring 2014 To Do list.
       Mountain: This will probably not be our forever home and knowing that, we must think of resale value. Mountain design is very popular here, and it's what a lot of people are looking for when they are house shopping. It's in our best interest to leave some mountain character in the home, so that it's appealing when it's time to sell. This means that the pine kitchen cabinets will stay, all of the pine trim will remain, the stone fireplace platform will stay, etc. Luckily, mountain design can be done right so we'll try to incorporate this style, so that it works for us.
I've got a thing for Buffalo Check. 

       We are so excited to start inserting all of our decor ideas into the house, but we're also learning that time and money are surely limiting factors. So it will be a process and it will take time. But hopefully in a year, this place will be looking a lot more like our home!

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  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! We've got antlers in our garage! Feel free to come check them out. I keep meaning to get some up in our house too. They are real, but were just sitting in a box in my in-laws garage. They might as well get some use. We can get more if you're interested.