Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter 2013

      The Milam's have a little something in the works and I'll be sharing more on that soon. While I have a few free moments I wanted to share some Easter pictures with you. I picture that most people's Easter morning includes kids bounding out of bed to hunt for their Easter baskets, followed by cute Easter dresses and bonnets, and a special Easter mass followed by a delicious meal. Our Easter morning didn't go exactly like that. Imagine an almost 3 year old waking up very constipated, spending most of the morning trying to you-know-what, then picture a dad taking some drastic measures, followed by a successful bowel movement, and then imagine very relieved parents jumping up and down cheering. 
 After that was all settled it was finally time for some Easter basket hunting.
Getting warmer.

Thank you Mr. Bunny.
This was the first time that most of my side of the family got to meet Ms. Q.
It was also her first time in a dress.

Jonny and his baby girl.
Add in one more cutie pie.
And because babies are so stinking cute when they cry, I couldn't resist.
Or course the day included our annual Easter egg hunt.
Big cousins helping little cousins. Gotta love it.

This year, Buzz was really into it.
I die for his little calves.
Somehow, someway, this is what my little boy's Easter bag looked like after the hunt.
And then of course, we had to check out our finds.

We attempted to take a good family pic. 
Attempt #1- not quite.
Nope, not there yet.
This will have to do.
3 out of 4 looking at the camera ain't bad. 
My hair-now that's a whole other issue in itself.
I'll be back soon with some pics of our Spring getaway!

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