Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little bit of this, little bit of that

       In the spirit of keeping this blog updated, here's a bit more!
I have started to try to incorporate Nolan into cooking and baking with me. 
This isn't the easiest task, as he's a little bit wobbly in our dining chairs, 
and perching him on our island makes me very nervous (and Jon even more so). 
But, I think its a good way for him to learn his food words, and possibly appreciate
different foods a bit more. 
Last week, we made him some healthy mini-toddler muffins, 
for quick breakfasts and snacking.
He was the perfect bakers assistant. 
(Tonight he helped me to make homemade Mac' n Cheese 
and that went downhill fast when he put a bunch of 
mustard powder in his mouth!)
I think I failed to mention back at Christmas time that we received a 
beautiful addition to our kitchen for the holidays. 
It came in the form of a Kitchen Aid.
I asked for a basic old hand mixer to replace a broken second hand mixer that 
I had been using, but my upgrade came in the form of a Kitchen Aid. 
It is luxurious. 
I bake every week or two so that Jon has something to take on shift 
or to his paramedic class. 
It's giving me the chance to try out lots of recipes.
Tonight I'm giving a Twix Brownie recipe a try.

The most exciting business in our neck of the woods
is that we got to meet a very important little girl today. 
We'd been waiting to meet her for 40 weeks and 1 day. 
Our good friends gave birth this weekend, 
and today we got to stop by the hospital for a quick visit. 
When we arrived both parents were looking SO tired. 
It brought back lots of memories!
Lyla Scout was gorgeous!
And oh-so-tiny compared to our rascal.
The parents were in amazing spirits after a long 24+ hours.
They were in the same room as us in the hospital 
so it felt like a bit of a roles-reversed-flashback. 
We're so excited for them to now be parents. 
Nolie wasn't allowed in the maternity ward (apparently kids carry germs),
so he did lots of walking around the hospital while we 
took turns visiting. 
He also finagled a couple of cookies from the nurses
so he was pretty H-A-P-P-Y about visiting the hospital.

Thats all this week!
XOXO from Lake Tahoe

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  1. Cannot. get over. the hair. I LOVE it! Next time I see Nolan, I am rubbing his head. I can't wait. Seriously. And I think you are super amazing mom to let him "help" in the kitchen! That takes so much patience...I am in awe!