Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

       After two busy weeks at work, I finally have some time to play catch up here. For Easter weekend this year Nolan and I headed down to the Bay Area while Jon stayed behind to work an overnight shift. I'm still a bit scarred by the 3 hour trip down and back by myself with Nolan in the backseat. It may be quite a while before I try to make the trip alone with him again.
       The day before Easter my sister and I headed off to the Oakland Zoo with two wee ones in tow. Nolan is currently loving animals so I thought it would be a fun day for him. 
Our first stop at the zoo was the train.
And our first challenge was trying to get these two to look at the camera at the same time.
We never had any success with that last one. 
Living where we do, we never frequent places like zoos, play centers, 
amusement park, or malls, so this was quite 
the adventurous day for me and Nolan.
There's my boy.
His mouth on the wire fence, 
that was no doubt covered in dust, dirt, germs, and gosh knows what from the animals.
He insisted on taste testing several of the fences around the park.
I'll spare you too many pictures of the animals. 
In reality all of the animals seemed quite sad to me. 
(In this shot I had to try to avoid a truck that was parked just behind Mr. Zebras fence). 

There was a petting zoo too. 
While all of the other kids were in the small barn petting the animals, 
my wild one was out running on their lawn. 
I don't really blame him. 
Grass is exciting for us mountain folk.
The day was definitely a successful one. 
It was followed by a playdate in Roxy's backyard, 
checking out all of her toys. 

The next morning, before all of the cousins arrived, 
Nolan had to hunt for his Easter "basket".
Nolan's bunny was feeling quite nautical this year.
My boy doesn't do much without his baby and bottle in tow.
He dug into the gold fish treat immediately.
His basket started out looking like this
(which may be quite sac-religious).
I have a few of these left over from an event I did years ago, 
and I figured I would put them to good use at some point.
In the name of watching our pennies this Easter,
 I cut up an old burlap bag that I had (also inherited this from something at work),
and got to work with my hot glue gun and a stencil.
I was happy with how my thrifty creation turned out.
After the whole gang arrived,
we had our annual Easter egg hunt.
Here's the line up before the start of the race.
I was a little bit busy helping curly find his eggs, 
so I wasn't able to take any photos myself. 
I think next year he's going to be a force to reckoned with during the hunt.
Nolan was a busy bee all day, 
and spent a lot of his time checking out the backyard fountain.
Grandma and Grandpa's house hosts the perfect little garden for 
small kiddos to trek through.
This weekend, Jon and I were spoiled to both have a few days 
off together. What a novelty. 
We were doubly spoiled by 70+ degree temperatures. 
Weather like that in April in these parts really gets people excited.
As Nolan creeps toward two years,
we're able to do more things and go out for longer
which has already been a lot of fun for us. 
I think this Summer may hold in store lots of time
on our bikes and at the beach (when we can find it). 

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  1. That Easter basket is ridiculously cute. Excuse me while I go copy you!