Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Okay, I think it's over now. Fingers crossed. 
The past have 9 days have been a bit much, even for us. 
There were avalanches. 
Power outages. 
Fear of roof calapse. 
Freeway closures. 
People were stranded. 
The snowfall totals for the Tahoe basin are now reported to be
at about 600 inches for the season.
Thats 50' people. 
Apparently, Mother Nature is breaking some of her own records this year. 
Here are a few photos that we captured midstorm.
In the Summer, that area behind me is a flat grassy lot, 
and serves as snow storage in the Winter.

Our neighbors house is back there somewhere.

Finally the skies parted on Monday.
It was amazing to see the sun.
Me and the boys headed out to soak it up.

Let's play ball?

At the end of our walk, 
blue's dog brother-from-another-mother came by for a visit. 
After playtime, those two enjoyed a dog treat together.
As for Nolan, 
we've recently discovered the wonder of the playpen. 
And Buzz spends lots of time there now, 
buried in his toys.
Ta Ta. 
I've got a dirty kiddo that I need to put in the bath.

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  1. Wow. That is a dang lot of snow. I'm kinda jealous, though. We had a whoppin' 2 weeks of a beautiful spring and now it's freakin' hot already! Nolan is adorable- where is all that hair coming from?