Tuesday, March 8, 2011

7 Months

       Our boy is 7 months old (okay, he's closer to 8 months but I'm a bit behind). He's growing teeth, waving, and sleeping through the night when he so chooses. His hair is as crazy as ever, and he's becoming a bit of a mama's boy. This weekend we took a few photos to mark the 7 month occasion.
This past week he started waving to us. 
I asked his daycare about it and she said that all the kids
wave during their circle singing time. 
Apparently he picked up on it. 
It's pretty darn charming.
Exhibit A below.

And when the going gets tough around our house
a good ole' thumb suck always does the trick.

This weekend, Nolan also had his first play date. 
Romi came over and they thoroughly enjoyed getting 
to play toys together.

We also had a parade roll through our town on Saturday.
Jon was working, but Nolan and I went down to check it out.
It wouldn't be a Tahoe parade without dogs.

That's all for now. 


  1. Growing up sp fast! See, there are perks to daycare.

  2. Absolutely charming and its good to hear he decides to sleep some nights.

  3. Nolan has created a whole new genre of hairstyle!