Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seeing White

 And I'm not referring to my skin.
Although, that's pretty white right about now too.
       In January, Tahoe only received 6" of snow. And that was on January 30th. 6" of snow around here isn't even worth mentioning. And then, the first two weeks of February were bone dry. Sunny. Upper 50's. Glorious. Everyday I returned home from work to find more and more of the snow around our house had melted. Dirt was peaking through in our side and front yards. Our porch was cleared and Blue enjoyed spending sunny afternoons out there on his dog bed. 
       We knew that this would all change. It was just a matter of when. Well, "when" arrived on Tuesday evening. The snow started, and its just now tapering off. We woke on Wednesday to about 1-2' of new snow around our house. The schools closed, which meant Nolan's daycare operated on limited hours, which meant mama had to go to work late and dad had to get off early. Oh, and of course there were lots of accidents on the roads and cars stuck in ditches. Aaah yes, I had almost forgotten this is what a storm was like. 
       Thursday and Friday got a little crazier. Jon's shifts got cancelled, the schools remained closed, there was lots of snow to be removed, ya-de-ya-de-ya. Three days and about 4'+ of snow later (8'+ on the mountains), we've been spending lots of time digging out.  I thought this called for a photo tour of our white week.
Let me introduce you to our kitchen window.
And I didn't want to leave out the view from our living room window.
Oh, and our back patio door.
Here's the sliding glass doors off our front room.
Notice the overhang of snow from the roof. 
I took this photo at around 4:00pm.
Here's the outside view of that overhang.
A few hours later, we heard a huge rumbling crashing.
The overhang gave way and crashed on to our porch.
Leaving us what looked like an avalanche
right outside of our front door.
On Saturday morning, the storm was tapering,
and we ventured outside for some snowplay
and serious shoveling.
Our porch and front door are in there somewhere.

Jon had his work cut out for him.

The view up our street...
...and down our street.
The house across the street.
The snow claimed  the lives of 3 of Blue's frisbees. 
Here are the boys trying to find one.
Blue will be very happy come Spring, 
when he re-discovers his favorite toys.
Jon spent some time working on our front deck. 
Here's the view of him looking out our front door.
A bit of shoveling later, and
our deck was passable again.
I've heard people start talking about their
Spring wishlists and the end of winter. 
Winter in Tahoe is just getting warmed up.

***Note: Sorry about the quality of some of these photos. I was running around while Nolan napped, trying to keep the camera dry between snow flurries, so I wasn't able to master the manual camera settings with all of my shots. More practice I guess.

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