Monday, February 7, 2011


        Crazy curly hair, check. Long skinny legs, check. Round cheeks, check. Blue eyes, check. 50% dad, 50% mom, and 100% perfect. In case you're wondering about the real break down, I thought I'd share. I dug up some old photos, and I think he's definitely our kid.
Here's Johnny, circa 1984.

Flash forward 27 years, and the curls live on.

As for the big cheeks and those baby blues?
I think I know where he may have gotten them.

Yeah, I can see it.

Here's a few more from the archives, just for comparisons sake.

More to share soon.

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  1. This is my favorite blog post so far!!!!! I'm crackin' up (in a good way...); I LOVE the one you you blowing out the cake Meg, classic!