Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Milam Holy Days: Round I

       It's taken me a few days to come out from the toy boxes, wrapping paper, leftovers, and snow (more on that soon!!!), but I'm out. I'm here. And I'm ready to share! We had a great Christmas involving lots of family, kids, surprises, and a good amount of driving. Let me start from the beginning. 
       I'm somewhat obsessed with traditions. As in, creating memories for us and our kids, that we continue throughout the years. But I took somewhat of a bye on new traditions this year. Next year we will have an Advent calender, maybe an Elf on the Shelf, homemade cinnamon rolls, etc. etc. For some reason, I could hardly get my gifts wrapped in time this year, let alone create new traditions for a won't remember it, 5 month old. 
       This is the first year that Jon and I have had the entire Christmas holiday off together and I was very thankful for that. We had a four day weekend to relax and enjoy together. After finishing up work on Wednesday, we decided we needed to treat ourselves and get out of the house. We rarely splurge on eating out, but appetizers and drinks at the River Grill were just what we needed. After having our wedding reception here, over two years ago it was only fitting to come back with our addition to the family. Oh, and the manager there always takes good care of us. Our sweet boy even fell asleep at the table which made for a great evening out.
       We opted to open gifts on Thursday morning, the Eve of Christmas Eve. We wanted to get on the road on Christmas Eve to avoid traffic on our way to the bay, and we didn't want to rush opening our gifts. So on Thursday morning, with snow on our porch, we brewed a pot of coffee and cut up some coffee cake that had been gifted to us. And then the magic began. 
Santa was very good to us. 
He left us an elf and a reindeer.
Santa left his favorite reindeer the biggest bone his sleigh could bring.

Having Nolan here on Christmas morning 
made the holiday more magical.
Yes, I said "magical."

Jonny has been wanting a chainsaw. 
I found these boxers with chainsaws on them. 
That will have to do for the time being.
And my husband surprised me with something 
I've been wanting for months. 
Something we've been needing.
Something we've been pining over. 
Can you guess what it is?
Any ideas?
The camera of our dreams. 
Well, at least our current dreams.
I say "our" because apparently it was just 
as much a gift for Jon as it was for me.
He's been using it way more then I, and he's
been devoting his time to learning about all its various settings.
Which also means that we have been documenting
our live with  SO MANY pictures.
As in, hundreds upon hundreds each week. 
While we study up on how to use our beast of a camera...

My gift for Jon was a bit less anti-climatic.
A homemade, "Man Toy Gift card."
The bottom reads "Not redeemable for motor vehicles. Sorry."
He's had his eye on a few nice toys, 
but I knew that he wanted to hand pick them himself. 
I've told him that he better redeem his gift card, before
I see our credit card statement and realize how
 much holiday shopping already needs to be paid off.
The holiday left our house in a bit of disarray. 
But finally, everything has found its rightful place
and we're feeling a bit of more prepared to start the new year.
I'll be back to share more of our photos from Christmas Round II.

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