Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm the proud owner of....

A six month old!
       Yes, this past week, marked the big day. Five months brought lots of things, including reaching for and holding toys, a longer attention span and interest in things, sitting in a high chair, eating rice cereal, progress towards rolling over and less fussing and more playing. It has been our favorite age so far. Unfortunately sleeping through the night has continued to elude us, but maybe that's in store during the 6 month mark? I'm not holding my breath on that one.
      Six months has already brought with it the milestone of sitting up on his own. He's still a tad bit wobbly, but he is very near to mastering it all together.  This month, we're also hoping to tackle rolling over and trying some more solid foods. Oh, and did I mention sleeping through the night. Here are some recent photos (on our new camera, I might add), that show just how big our bug is getting.
Bath time = Highly adorableness time.

And what does a highchair + rice cereal mean?

It means we've got a very cute sitting & eating baby on our hands.

5 months also brought with it a love of toes. 
As in, putting his own toes in his own mouth. 
Anytime that he had the chance. 
During a diaper change is one of his favorite opportunities. 
The new year and our big boy have meant lots of walks in the snow.
Hello blue eyes.
This weekend, with very sunny skies, 
and some freetime on our hands, 
we took Nolan on his first sledding adventure. 
As in, ghetto-laundry-basket-sledding adventure. 
Yes, I said laundry basket.

He seemed to enjoy the comfy ride.
The Spring-like weather made for some 
blissful photo opportunities.

That's all folks. 
I've got chores to tend to. 
Thanks for watching.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love you guys! The laundry basket cracks me up, best adventure ever!!! : ) xoxoxoxo