Monday, March 10, 2014

My Ikea Shopping List

It's demo time at our house. We've finally finished painting (for the most part), and now there are so many other things to take care of in the next few days. We're taking a sledgehammer to our fireplace (a full post on that, coming right up), trying to find just the right stain for our hardwoods, demoing our carpet, and gathering supplies for our next phase of install.

Later this week, Jon will begin an eleven day stretch where he will have us out of the house during the days so that he can dive full force into our living room and kitchen hardwood installation. Immediately following, he'll be sanding and staining the whole main floor of our house. Yeah, it's about to get messy up in here.

While he's up to his eyeballs in dust, I'm planning a trip to Ikea. Glorious Ikea (cue the symphony). In an attempt to stay out of Jon's hair, the kiddos and I will be in the burbs playing for a few days. The zoo is in the plans. Playing with cousins and soaking up sunshine is in the plans. And a shopping trip to Ikea for some much desired purchases is in the plans.

Because Ikea is a couple hours drive from us, I have to save up my list for the rare times I get to make a visit. Here's a peek at what I'm hoping to pick up:
1) An over sized map for Nolan's room ($129.00). I've been working on projects in Nolan's room since November. I've just been keeping hush-hush. I'll spill the details soon. There is a large expanse of wall and I've had this in mind for that spot for a while now.
2) A step stool:
Recently there has been a rash of bloggers giving the $14.99 step stool a face lift. There are so many possibilities for it. My munchkins need a little boost when it comes to the sinks in our house, so this will do just the trick. What do you think? Maybe painted mint with some darker stain on the steps?
3) Curtains, curtains, curtains
I'm dying (DYING!) to get window treatments hung on a couple of our living room windows. It's at the top of my list (there are about 20 other things at the top of that list too, unfortunately) come the end of March when the hardwoods are done. These Aina Curtains ($49.99 for the pair) are airy and light and will be on three of our living room windows to help soften up the white walls and add some texture.
4) The Byholma Chest. Or three.
I'll finally be picking up one of these for our living room, as well as possibly two in gray for some toy storage in Nolan's room.
The Ikea vortex will surely suck me in to spending more than I plan on.  I gave the website a glance over to see what else I might want to eye in person while I'm there. Here's just a few things I'd love to add to my big blue bag.
All available at
Jon and I are antsy to see how things  start coming together in the next two weeks. We've kind of forgotten what it's like to live in a normal home. Our dining table is in our living room, we've started craigslisting small pieces of furniture, and our garage is stacked full of demo materials. We're looking forward to having our house settled a bit, to welcome in Spring, and to start hosting BBQ's. My mantra is to "go with the flow." Jon tells me that sometimes I'm not flowing quite enough.
Pssst....I ordered our new ceiling fan. I'm feeling a bit nervous about my choice, but it couldn't actually be worse then what we have currently, now could it? Oh yeah, and I got a screaming deal on a new area rug for our living space yesterday. I wasn't expecting to order a rug anytime soon, but at 50%  with free shipping and with great reviews I couldn't resist. I'm hoping it balances my want for a natural fiber rug along with a soft texture for the kids to rumble and roll too. It's not an easy common ground to find, so I'll let you know.

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