Monday, January 20, 2014

Switch it Up

We're working towards updating just about every square inch of this house. What that means for me, is I am constantly thinking about four steps ahead of any decision I am currently making. Is the ceiling fan that I love going to work well with the living room wall sconces I was leaning towards? Is this pattern getting repeated too many times in the house? If the chair is this color, should I consider a different area rug color, which may not compliment the other rug in the space. Get my drift. 

I want our house to flow. I want there to be consistency and repetition from room to room. I want decisions to look intentional and complimentary. And this comes all the way down to light switch plates. Riveting stuff here people, I know.
This house has an amazing array of light switch plates. It's impressive actually. There's no rhyme or reason to them. Cheap plastic white ones are right next to metal plates with bears on them. There are silver ones next to bronze ones. For someone who boarders obsessive compulsive at times, it can really throw a girl out of whack.

I'll have to address my general feeling about
the orange peel texture walls at some point too.
I'm fairly certain it's a bear, because people try to
incorporate bears in any possible way they can in Tahoe,
but it looks slightly bobcat-esque to me.
And then, of course, the good ole' stand by.
I snapped these pictures pretty much from just our dining room.

But my favorite of all of them, is this beauty.

She may just end up framed as a moment0. 
And she speaks volumes about the need for updates in this house.

Here was a certain three and a half year old boy who was following me around the room
and did not quite understand
why his mom was taking photos of our power outlets.
After we finished our behemoth planked wall, I just could not bite the bullet and purchase the economical .99 cent plastic white switch plates. I just couldn't do it. There is really nothing wrong with them, but I couldn't convince myself that there was anything right about them either. So I did what I do best, and I comparison shopped for white switch plates. I was so happy when I came across this option, on sale. They were several dollars cheaper then the comparable option I found at target, as well as at several other online retailers. I placed a big order, based on all of the various types of configurations and quantities that we needed. I purchased enough for all of our needed living room and dining room switches and outlets. They kind of add up. There will have to be a phase 2 and 3 for the bathrooms and downstairs outlets.

Then I had to wait. I waited and waited. Who knew you could be so anxious to receive a box of switch plates. Leave. It. To. Me. They arrived. They're up. And they're glorious (okay, as glorious as switch plates can be). They were the crowning jewel that we needed for our plank wall.
They have clean lines, and a nod a traditional detail, which I like.
I guess I need to go and clean all of the actual switches now...
Aaaaah…so much better. 
My obsessive compulsive heart can rest a little bit better at night now. 
Anyone need some secondhand light switch plates?

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