Sunday, October 13, 2013

Five Years and Counting

       Last Friday was mine and Jon's five year wedding anniversary, but lets pretend that I got this post up on time, mmmkay? Right now, we are in the thick of adult life. Adult life and all its responsibilities, kinda-sorta sucks. Between work, drop offs and pick ups at daycare, varying schedules, overtime shifts, middle of the night crying, 5:30 wake up calls by our toddler or alarm clock (whichever comes first), and lots of monthly bills, it can be hard to remember to have fun. I know we'll look back and remember this as a sweet time when we were raising up our babies, but at the moment, the grass is seeming greener. We feel thankful and blessed for all that we have (please don't think that we aren't), but gosh, what happened to us? So consider this an 'Ode to our Early Years' post. Roll the credits:
We use to stay up past 8:30pm
(Golf party, obviously).
Okay, we stayed up past 8:30, like, a lot.
We spent every day off we had floating the Truckee river in our yacht,
or out on the lake, on the boat we kinda-sorta owned
(I can't believe we kinda had a boat...that we didn't pay for!!!).
We use to go on hikes. 
Whenever we wanted.
With little to no planning.
We conquered Half Dome, 
and it's crazy cables together.
We use to remember to celebrate each others birthdays
(his curls kill it, every time).
We went to lots of fun weddings.
We use to got to concerts. 
And sleep in our truck bed in the parking lot outside of said concerts.
And get warned by the security guard as the sun came up that there were 
bears that came through the parking lot looking for garbage.
We use to take the slow scenic drive home.
We got a dog together five months after we started dating.
Because why wouldn't you? 
Our amazingly well tempered lab, 
gave us a fall sense of ability with
being able to rear children.
We use to go on little sunset hikes to picnic.
And now that I'm looking at these, 
apparently we use to have a lot less wrinkles
and look much more rested.
Happy Five Years to us!

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  1. Would not do those Half Dome cables. Like ever. That looks soooo freaky! And congrats on your anniversary!!!